Dad Just Came Home From Work, And His Cockatoo Has A Lot To Complain About The House Cat

    Cockatoos are really the funniest pets to own. They have the ability to keep us amused by mimicking speech and sounds. They have brighter personalities also. Every cockatoo has his own individual personality, just like we have.

    Mr. Max, the cockatoo, is the finest example.

    He is quite a talkative partner and keeps communicating with this dad about whatever happens to him during the day. On this specific day, he had a great many things to talk about the house cat!

    Max was informing the father all about what the Angel cat had told him. The man heard the Cockatoo very quietly and ordered him to keep away from cats as they endangered and brought trouble to the birds. Have a look at him hearing his human dad so attentively! But as much as he heard, you have to agree that this cockatoo most certainly loves the best gossip!

    You can watch this presumptuous bird below:

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