Dad Told Her A Joke, But Cockatoo’s Reaction Will Leave You In Stitches

    Cockatoos are regarded to be the coolest creatures. They are not easy to manage but make adorable pets. They entertain and ensure their family is happy. There is no dull moment as these cockatoos are around, as they ensure laughter is a part of life.

    Here is an adorable bird. She is Pebble and now you will laugh watching her banter. Pebble with her owner was watching a movie, but suddenly her owner realized that their Cockatoo went crazy. She began laughing wildly and also was banging her head. This reaction went viral.

    Pebble is a rescue bird and has been in her 20 years through nearly 10 homes. Some people said Pebble was having a seizure or was on drugs, but that is not the truth. The owner says Pebble loved doing something crazy at times.

    This funny clip gives evidence. What do you expect, anything wild?

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