Dog Found Wandering Alone With A Heartbreaking Note On Her Collar

    A small pup, Ghost was found wandering in western Michigan in a stranger’s yard. Now, it was not known, if she was abandoned or lost.

    Taking a closer look revealed the circumstances she was here.

    Ghost, the little pup had an ID tag. A good Samaritan found a note attached to the tag, written by her former owner.

    It read as: Ghost was never let loose open in the world to face uncaringness, and this was a compassion act from a misguided person suffering a medical emergency.

    The point was not clear. If an owner was helpless and was not financially fit to provide the dog, then keeping a dog and feeding it is acceptable said Shipaila. The point here is to ascertain the owner is aware that happened. Maybe the owner himself may need the pup’s help after the stroke if so, the community should come together to help.

    Shipaila asks, will people not come up with their thoughts about the owner and keep him in darkness giving the owner to believe that seeing loose Ghost was the only loving option.
    This is a lesson taken not with disrespect or anger, it shows compassion, said Shipaila.

    The ghost is now doing well and is available for adoption. Shipaila hopes that taking community involvement, such cases must be avoided.

    There are Luvnpupz type rescue groups existing and there is no point in letting it loose in the open. It is best to contact a neighbor, a friend or some family member, anyone can offer assistance.

    Abandoning a pet is not the right option.

    There is a need to sort out this issue by considering new ways so that people retain their pets, said Shipaila. Commonly, people say they do not wish to offend or intrude others by extending help when they are not asked for. Now, it is time to change. There is a need for the community to reach out positively and communicate without hesitation.

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