Dog Jumped Into The Hot Tub, His Reaction Has Left More Than 2 Million People In Stitches

    Pressure from the water jets could have been relaxing for his back maybe. This funny canine continues humming, perhaps because he was really having a good time. It looks like he has achieved the most comforting state of existence. Cuzzie really gives us some amazing comforting and relaxing goals!

    Dogs actually have a love-hate relationship with the water. Some of them avoid it like a pandemic, while some of them jump straight into the water. This is peculiar, as a great many canines have no problem in getting wet in small muddy ponds. The dog in the posted video below belongs to the latter category. He just cannot come out of the pond of water!

    Cuzzie, the canine admires getting soaked in the hot tub. It seems like really at comfort and ease. The look of pure enjoyment on his face is well defined!

    You can view his funny expression here:

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