Street Dog Saves Woman From Being Robbed

    In the area of Old Aerodrome in Podgorica, Montenegro, a courageous street dog helped a woman as she was being robbed by an unknown person, reported by the local television channel RTCG.

    In this adorable video, a woman is compelled to the ground by this savage robber. The robber slowly paces nearer and nearer, until he seizes her from the behind and fights her to the ground trying to rob her. The dog runs behind the robber, leaping at his heels as the robber tries to find his escape in horror. The four-legged buddy follows the mugger, who gets away in visible horror while the canine continues to let out barks aggressively at him.

    Exceptionally, the compassionate actions of the dog do not end here. He even goes back to the woman to ensure whether the woman is fine, whom he saved. Others were truly astonished by how instantly the dog responded.

    No more evidence is required that dogs are great – but here is a video clip of a valiant dog presenting how courageous they can be. People were praising the animal to a greater extent, including a person who had posted a snap of the canine with the caption: “Hero of the day.”

    In a yellow hoodie, a man is walking behind the woman whose hands are filled with grocery bags. She is usually walking as her purse is hung on her left arm.

    She has no idea that somebody was following, but the dog seated on the sidewalks, have a look at the pair who is passing by.

    All of a sudden, the robber paces towards the woman and seizes her handbag, throwing her to the ground. But he did not expect that the dog would come to her rescue!

    The canine, who was seated so silently, comes into the action in a few seconds and charge on the man, leaping at his heels and rear end.

    Realizing he cannot tackle the dog, the robber runs away whom the dog chases, while the dog continues to bite his legs.

    You can watch the video here!

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    Posted by Podgoricki vremeplov on Thursday, November 23, 2017

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