Dog Tries Everything Possible To Befriend Cat, Gives It One Final Go

    Cats have the attitude of being Assertive and Calm to a T making them a natural leader pack.

    A cat and a dog living under one roof are a No are well known for pet owners, regardless of whether the dog is big or the cat bosses around.

    However, if super cute dogs make friends with their cats, what happens. Here is a video of the dog’s annoying cats with their friendship, sit and enjoy laughing.

    You can see there are more than 6 million times that we have watched this clip. It has different dogs coming up in a variety of tricks, tactics, and methods to seduce hairy buds.

    Regrettably, the results are absolutely hilarious to see the man’s best friends’ actions.

    Keep watching, suddenly there is a change.

    Share this cuteness and everyone is sure to smile today seeing the cuteness of your four-legged companion.


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