Drowning Stag Cries Out From Frozen Lake – Finally Help Arrives, But Not From Who You’d Expect

    The winter wonderland is whimsical and can be full of challenges. The roads get blocked, and the ice is slipping and cold. All that is required in the winter months is to be extra vigilant.

    A red deer was in a life-threatening situation as it fell in Siberia into a frozen river. Thankfully, local hunters noted a creature in the ice-cold water.

    It may appear some hunters are rehabilitating and releasing animals to the wild. However, that is not true as the hunters are not cruel, they are people with gold hearts.

    A red deer was found in eastern Siberia, Russia near Ulan-Ude in the Barguzin frozen river. It was floating and four men worked relentlessly cutting the ice path and pulled the deer out from the river. In the freezing temperatures, the entire rescue took over four hours.

    This was filmed by Aleksej Baluev and he said: We must get the red deer away from the cold. The rescue team at this moment started rubbing the animal to restore circulation in the freezing deer. They tried to keep the freezing deer warm and got it out of the water. They tried to warm the red deer before the fire.

    They managed eventually to get it out of the water and took it to the local garage to warm and dry in the freezing deer. They fed it a lard piece and vodka for 150 grams so that it warms up from inside.

    Eventually, the team got the animal to recover and it was back on its feet. This majestic creature took to the forest edge and ran back into the wilderness. It was the brave volunteers who helped.

    Watch the freezing deer rescue in this video below:

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