Dog Was So Scared When Family Left Him At Shelter For “Eating Trash”

    He had no idea what mistake did he make?

    There are also many more attractive things to a dog than an open garbage bin.

    Unluckily, 2-years-old parents of Coby were exhausted of his trash digging and resolved to tame his this behavior in the late November by leaving the unsuspecting off at a Fairfield Country Shelter In South California.

    All of a sudden away from the home and family, Coby was horrified and volunteers could not do anything but feel sorry for him.

    He is frightened in his mind, nearly like a wild dog can be… but not once did he snarled, or attempt to bite,” Samira El-Hage, a shelter volunteer penned down on the Facebook. “He wanted to stand behind a raised bed or getaway the moment he stepped outside. He continued to bite and chew the leash, and would not even have a look at us.”

    “He firmly stood in that corner in front of the wall,” she said.

    But El-Hage was not the only volunteer moved by the predicament of Coby. Leigh Maddox, who was the founder of Compassion For Cats of Delaware, could not believe that a family would desert their loyal dog over such a trivial thing.

    “He reached my heart and I quickly knew we had to take him [out of the shelter],” Maddox told.

    Maddox started to make arrangements for almost a 9-hour drive between Coby’s soon-to-be-new-home in Dover Delaware and shelter. It was then when Pilots N Paws, an organization that helps in sending the risk shelter dogs to their new homes, came into the scene and did everything possible to send the Coby into the arms of his new caring foster mom, Olivia Fritz.

    However when the second plane landed, Fritz was surely earning the confidence of Coby – it was not a convenient task. “Coby was so firmly sitting into the seat that it was very hard for my husband to take him out,” Fritz told. “Once he was taken out of the airplane he was hobbling in fear… He was so closed down that he did not react to anything or anyone anymore.”

    Different from the former family of Coby, Fritz is really glad to find the effective methods that stopped Coby from playing with the garbage inside the trash bin. “My canine companions have invariably been trash mining experts, and we as a family have evolved innovative ways to help them get away with that behavior,” Fritz told. “This is what a family must do when they have the dogs – not abandon them in the shelter house. The entire story has just broken my heart.”

    Almost after a month in the new home, Coby is trying to settle for his new life from time to time. He is still too scared to go outside on his own and has to be taken in and out of the house. However, he is undertaking small steps in the right direction, taking in the treats from his new mom’s hand, trudging a bit and feasting on his bones.

    But no matter how long the recovery of the Coby takes, Fritz is ready to train the dog until he’s ready for the adoption.

    I had thought that if I just kept him and kissed him that he would know he was admired, but it was more than that,” Fritz told. “I expect that the damage he suffered can be controlled but it won’t be achieved during a day.”

    “He is supremely special when it comes to rescuing,” Fritz told, “and he will achieve nothing but the excellent home when he is prepared!”

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