Security Cam Catches Neighbor’s Dog Stealing Delivery Packages Off Doorstep

    Resident Bob Hamlin, who is a resident of the Palm Coast Florida, looks like a sufficiently forbearing person. But when a week passed after ordering a package from Amazon that was to be delivered on his doorstep, Hamlin was anxious. When Hamlin enquired about it to the Amazon, Hamlin was feeling worried. Following the records, a package had been delivered by the mailman seven days ago, sharply at 3:17 pm.

    So, where was the package? Hamlin opened the security camera to unfold the mystery and came across the footage that verified the information given by Amazon.

    Sharply at 3:17 pm, a mailman came near to the front door and kept the package there.
    Hamlin kept watching the video, and exactly after 90 minutes, a four-legged sneaky was approaching the porch.

    It was only the neighbour’s dog, and the Rover was the boy that was the best thief.

    Skillfully utilizing his front legs and jaws, this stealing puppy succeeded in pushing and dragging Hamlin’s box through the lawn and out of the range of the cameras.

    “I went through the footage of the security camera, and caught ‘red-pawed thief.’ taking away the package a few hours later after the delivery,” Hamlin told.

    Hamlin waited enduringly for the owner of the dog to return home from the office and went there for explaining the situation.

    Together, both of them started to investigate and find the pile of boxes, packaging material and the packaged items that pirate pooch had stolen.

    All credit goes to the off-guard Hamlin, thief dog had relished upon the new boxes for the chewing purposes, items to conquer and production of the garbage.

    “It was raining for a week, however, we thankfully found the material in the Amazon boxes dispersed, but were fully intact in their secured boxes,” Hamlin added.

    “The best discovery was my recently bought costly prescription sunglasses unimpaired in their chewed up iron case,” he told. “They had vanished for long three weeks.”

    As an additional bounty, Hamlin also discovered that the items he had not realized that had been missing, also including a brush and a garden hose nozzle.

    Hamlin acknowledged that he was not happier by the dog’s demeanor initially.

    But when his friends witnessed the video and found it is hilarious, Hamlin had acquiesced them. He and his friends had gone through the video for a couple of times, giggling over this crafty puppy’s naughtier personality.

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