Dogs Patiently Sit By Daycare Fence Every Morning. The Reason Why Is Warming Everyone’s Hearts

    Humans are aware of the fact that our furry friends are the best and they deserve the best. We also know that sharing love with our dogs is equally reciprocated.

    This fuels in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, the Good Hands Boarding Kennels. The Staff here work beyond expectations and they are aware of the benefits of having a happy pack of puppies.

    They also follow a distinct method of pickup and this is new, never seen before. This is a lovely way that it must be known to others.

    The Good Hands, every day ask the bus driver to go on rounds and stop at the daycare customer’s homes. He honks the horn so that the parents know he is waiting outside and the staff is out of the bus to give the fur babies in the boarding a hand.

    Whatever is the season or climate, the bus does not miss this journey through Cape Brenton. Some dogs are equipped with school bags having all the need for the entire day, see this picture.

    The bus arrives and the driver releases the dogs from the kennels and they sprint in unison into the building. There are different toys at the Good Hands facility. This includes stuffed animals, squeaky toys, playing pools, and staff members offering human interaction.

    Good Hands is a dog owner’s dream and a paradise for dogs.

    The pick-up method is already viral, for apparent reasons. Moreover, the idea of dogs has
    a place to roam and play all day is heart-warming.

    Watch this video below:

    Why does not every town have for good pups a place the same as Good Hands? Share if you believe this to be an adorably fantastic idea!


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