Man Sees Dog On A Remote Dirt Road — Then Realised He’s Asking For Help

    Last Sunday morning it was a rocky start for Martin Hall Jr., a tow truck driver. He had driven out to a remote property on a call in Coulterville, California for a job.

    Hall did not realize and circumstances drove him to save the life of a man with the help of two pups.

    Navigating his way through the roads, Hall reached a new fork on his way. He failed to understand the road to take. This was the time he noticed a dog out of nowhere lying on the mid of the dirt road.

    Hall assumed it to be a lost dog and so he went to give some assistance or coax the pup by offering some sandwiches, but the dog did not budge. Hail was astonished and soon he noticed the reason.

    Hall took a video so that he could, later on, post it on social media, hoping the owner of the dogs to notice it.

    In the clip, Hall narrated what the dogs had done and how they led him. He went unknowingly with the dogs. Hail was disappointed, yet he left some water and sandwich for them and started back, though he was not convinced.

    Some inner instinct in Hall did not permit him to move, he recalled. He felt the dog was trying to say something was wrong. Don’t leave now. This was the time Hall could not go further and he got out of the truck and started a video and heard something.

    See what happened next:

    Off the road was lying an older man and by his side was another dog. Hall understood that man was injured and was lying there for 7 hours. These were his dogs walking with him and now he was unable to stand.

    It was the dog that compelled Hall to stop, or else it would have been unnoticed.

    Hall immediately called 911 and thankfully the responders came to the scene. Thanks to his dogs that came to Hall. Another fact is that these two dogs were rescued earlier and now they wanted Hall to do the same in return as a favor to mankind.

    Hall said it was overwhelming to know such facts and how things got transpired and how I got roped into this scene.

    Watch the incredible video of a loyal dog staying by his owner’s side trying to be noticed and get some help :

    Dog triggers rescue

    #1 It's no surprise that this INCREDIBLE video of a loyal dog staying by his owner's side on a remote California road was the WRAL top post of 2018!

    Posted by WRAL TV on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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