Dude Starts To Dig When He Hears Cries From Under The Sidewalk. What He Found Made Everyone Gasp

    In Russia, a man could not ignore the cries under a sidewalk that he started moving the stone piece. Onlookers gathered to see what was that this man was trying to unearth.

    This began at a sidewalk that had to be repaired as it had collapsed. The man and his family tried to sort this sidewalk but did not get any help or assistance. Thus, they begin the rescue operation on their own.

    They dug the place to find a pregnant dog emerging from the trap. She was trapped under the stone for two days without water or food. It is not known if she was left there on purpose or buried alive or it was accidental. Whatever, she was back, taken full care and was handed to a local animal rescue for recovery. The local animal rescue reported it will be adopted soon. Thankfully, a kind-hearted man heard her pleas.

    Watch this man rescuing a pregnant dog trap in the video below:

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