Man Dies In Tragic Motorcycle Accident – Then His Horse Does Something That Makes Everyone Cry

    Things happen when you least expect them. None of us expect anything bad or remorse to happen, but it happens at times for everyone. However, that does not mean, we should exist in fear, instead it is best to live intensely that will drive fear away.

    Wagner Lima died on a New Year’s Day in a motorcycle accident. This happened in Brazil. The 34-year-old loved motorcycle riding but spent his best time with Sereno, his horse.

    Wagner and Sereno got along very well as pals.

    Wagner’s brother insisted on his family that Sereno accompany them to say goodbye to Wagner, his best friend. This is because they had a great love for each other and so he also can say goodbye!

    Sereno went closer to the coffin and smelled his best friends’ scent. This was the time he understood that he will never see his friend, Wagner again.

    The brother said, the horse Sereno was his brothers’ best friend. and during the funeral, the horse got to understand that was happening and stood to say goodbye to his good friend.

    The footage is very touching:

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