Even After Being Rescued, Two Abandoned Puppies Won’t Stop Hugging Each Other

    This story is about two strays that were discovered in a street of the Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam. They were found hugging each other. They were confused and lost, did not know where to. A sweet picture where the puppies are holding adorably each other has got a lot of love from the internet users. These two puppies were on a street in the city.

    They were scared and ignored by the people since the Buddhist nuns brought them to the temple. Imagine what they have experienced in the short period of their lives.

    The big dog was protecting the little one carefully, by holding them very close.

    With every passing day, these dogs were getting back their lost confidence and were happy in this new environment. They knew that they are now in safe hands and this though was making a significant difference in their life.

    You can look at them and you will also feel that they are more relaxed now.

    The reason is they are now under proper care, love, and affection.

    They had seen a lot in life but now they are happy and it is because of the rescuers. They gave them a completely new life.

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