He Was Left With Dreadful Brain Injuries In An Accident. But When This Dog Came In? I’m Crying!

    Caleb Howard got a head injury in a car collision. He is just 6 years old and faced a dreadful accident. He got a heavy broken bones issue and a pathetic brain injury. His parents were confused about how the little lad will recover from the condition and how they will save him.

    Some suggested they try out the animal therapy or meeting with Kernel for the boy’s recovery; the parents were ready to give the process a try.

    This video comes with the journey of Kernel and Caleb, a beautiful story of pain, happiness, and lifelong friendship. Caleb had an immediate boost after the incident and this moment is surely a turning point in the lad’s life. He gradually got back control on his tiny hands as he started enjoying fetch with the four-leg friend.

    His parents allowed a short walk to both of them and the boy got back his mobility too. This is really an adorable bonding that he two shares. It should be praised by others. What you are thinking about the relationship?

    Watch this beautiful video below :

    Share your thought about this eternal bonding. Don’t forget to leave your comments.


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