He Flies A Camera Over The Ocean. When It Zooms In, My Jaw Drops!! Omg!

    God, the almighty has created different creatures and see here a heart-touching moment! A momma whale cuddling her calf and watch dolphins stampede in this footage captured from a drone helicopter onboard. The photographer also was grateful for this footage.

    This was the blue whale first-ever captured on a drone. Watching through the special goggles the POV of the drone made me excited. This was massive, nearly 80 feet long. The way it came to me right on my face in the drone made me gasp for breath.

    I disliked bringing the drone back and came back to the boat right at the last moment before the battery gave up completely. But for the battery, it was all so charming. Three whales looked amazing on the viewfinder. God, they were gray whales, twice the size of any regular whale. Eventually, there was this mother whale and calf whale as this giant trio came to our notice by one of the crew members, Chuck Gathers.

    Watch the heart-touching moment of a momma whale cuddling her calf and dolphins stampede in the video below :

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