He Grabs The Baby’s Trunk, Now Watch The Mother Elephants Around Him… Wow!

    A male calf, Kithaka, a baby elephant was transported to the Lewa airfield and airlifted to the Nairobi Nursery. It was a tough task for the rangers as they had to guide carefully and ensure the wobbly baby of 200 pounds is safe. Moreover, it is ready to wander about.

    Kithika’s plane had a safe landing, though there was torrential rainfall at the nursery after dark. There is a video below showing the epic journey of Kithaka to its new home. He was welcomed by another rescue elephants’ herd. The herds adult females fondled the new baby and it was love at first sight that they took him as if it was their own baby.

    This was definitely the sweetest moment and one of the keepers was surrounded by the elephants in a push-and-pull game with Kithaka. The gentle understanding between these majestic animals and the man is adorable.

    Watch the rescue of Kithaka in the video below:

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