Horse Trapped In Pen Panics As Flood Waters Rise, Then Hero Cowboy Rides Up

    Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas are devastated due to heavy flooding by Hurricane Harvey. Thousands are displaced and 10 at least are dead confirmed.

    The unprecedented devastation includes countless stories of heroism and hope. Strangers and neighbors are put to risk their safety that helping someone in need is questionable.

    Two such heroes are Chance and Rowdy Ward, father and son. These are Texas cowboys showing true heroism and selflessness looking like they are going around to save people, livestock, and horses.

    There are many harrowing videos on Facebook of their efforts. The pair was out in the morning, loading their horses and driving to these trapped helpless animals.

    One video here shows you how Rowdy is roping a stud colt trapped in his pen. He wants the horse to stay calm. He used full strength to open the gate that got stuck in the mud so that the pen stays calm.

    All animals were saved

    Posted by Chance Ward on Monday, August 28, 2017

    Chance says, this is what we do, we try helping people and livestock. The video says all animals were saved. The heroic act is on, and they are receiving praise from people all around the world, especially animal lovers.

    The kindness showed towards animals and the way they save the horse. It was amazing said Ashlee Byron, a commenter and also appreciated for raising an incredible son.

    Another person Stacy Reik appreciated their efforts after reading and watching their efforts.

    The Facebook video read as they were helping everyone around and it was a pride to be his neighbor.

    Just helping.

    Posted by Chance Ward on Monday, August 28, 2017

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