He Was Standing Right On The Edge Of That Pool. But Watch When That Dog Comes Running From Behind

    Dogs are wonderful animals. They do not mind looking foolish and are fun lovers. They know to enjoy when there is nothing to play around. They are good at pranks and here is an example. You will see and burst out laughing. See in this clip this cute Labrador.

    Labradors enjoy playing in the water and are the best swimmers. Not all are the same, and this pooch is one such that detests water. He likes something different. Toyo, the Lab, enjoys pushing people into a pool. He is nicknamed ‘the lifeguard’, but each time he notices someone standing near the pool edge, he pushes them. Besides, he has a victory lap after this pushing act.

    Watch this dog enjoying this pool act in the video below!

    A smile is for sure. Feel free to share your comments!


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