Husky Approaches Newborn Baby. Now Watch The German Shepherd… Omg

    When taking a baby into a home full of dogs, it is important to ensure that the home environment is secure and cozy for everyone – especially when those dogs are German shepherd and husky, two of the biggest, smartest and most possessive breeds.

    Now, we witness a beautiful German shepherd namely Ryder securing baby Madison. It is the second day when Maddison is at home from the hospital, and he is already keeping a hawk-eye over his newborn sister.

    Initially, he did not prefer his Husky brother approaching her, and here you will witness a moment where the dog makes efforts to get close and personal with her, but visibly Ryder is telling him to stay away. It is a mix of unbelievable, cute and even a bit disheartening.

    Mom tells, “Before you comment negatively about us not being accountable, we had already taught our dogs lessons about the living baby dolls for a good number of weeks before the arrival of our baby, even when we have confidence in our dogs absolutely and we do not leave the baby along with the dogs.”

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