Police Officers Are “Hailed” Down By Frantic Goose, Surprised By Where It Leads Them…

    In her capacities, a mother would do everything for rescuing her children from danger. Hills will be climbed, cultivate through walls, walk over the rocks and swim through the rivers to keep harm away from her children. Not only human mothers undertake everything possible in their power for the safety of their children. This was a truth when help was sought from a mother goose from a usual source to save her offspring.

    A goose arrived and began pecking at the patrol car of Officer James. He was placed inside, and her help was required. Some of his food was thrown out of the window, hoping it would be eaten by goose and goose will go away but the car was being continuously pecked. It was then definite that it was not just the food she wanted. So, the officer came out of the car to examine what was making her so restless.

    When the officer followed the goose for 100 yards, it was found out that one of her chicks had been entwined in some string with a balloon. The gosling was kicking anxiously, wanting to be freed. It was now that Officer James had thought that the Goose wanted the officer to free her offspring. The gosling walked cheerfully to its mother when Officer Cecilia, partner of James, freed the gosling from the string.

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