She Asked Her Sleepy Cat A Question. But I Couldn’t Believe My Ears When I Heard His Response!

    If someone you have ever woken up somebody, who sleeps like they are in a deep coma, you know how conveniently annoyed they get. I would probably destroy their face if they even attempted to do it. However, it looks like this little feline here is more civilized than me! This little feline, named Burnsy, is tired of sleep, but his mother just cannot understand the risk at all.

    Awakening a sleepy dog is one of the most difficult tasks, but it seems like this feline is not too behind! When his mom interacts with him, requesting him to wake up, poor cat replies in the most destitute manner! His owners tell that he is in love with this video and rubs up against the monitor and whenever she plays the video, she nudges it.

    Here, view the Burnsy’s funny reply in this posted video here:

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