Scared Dog Escapes Abusive Owner, Then Waits On A Strangers Doorstep…

    Baxter, a dog was not a petted dog. He was chained outside and was a victim of abuse and neglect. Baxter broke free from the chains are escapes looking for a better life, said the Blue Cross animal charity ad.

    Baxter made his way at night singing ‘I will Survive’ of Gloria Gaynor’s collection. The song lyrics take a new turn sung by Baxter. He keeps on walking all night in the hunt for a loving family and on the way, he is lucky to find many friends who help him.

    This is a beautiful video, though it started with a drama that had a happy ending. Baxter is the hero.

    Share this story with friends and spread a positive message about adopting Baxter, a homeless animal. Shower your love!


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