Police Horse Gets Hurt After A Vehicle Hits Her. But How That Cop Reacts Will Bring You To Tears

    The picture above is of a police horse being comforted by a Houston Police Department officer. A commercial vehicle caused this injury and overnight it was viral.

    The cop riding the horse was hurt in this conflict and was rushed to a hospital. While another officer took stayed until the last-minute taking care of the dying creature before the doctors got her euthanized.

    This accident happened as the horse got startled all of a sudden and she was in a frightening state that she threw the rider out. She stepped and got run near downtown Houston by the oncoming traffic.

    The Animal Justice League on social media released a statement saying:

    “We support ALL animals. We are aware of the relationship between animals and people is a fascinating one. A police horse in Houston got hit by a concrete truck and has a broken leg. The officer Herrejon was admitted in a hospital. While Ronald Curry, another officer, laid the horse down, while she breathed her last, before being euth anized and then covered her face.

    The strength and heart of the officer are admirable as losing an animal and watching it breathing it’s last is heartbreaking and the officer handled it with care. People were moved by both officers and prayed for the horse, Charlotte, to rest in peace.’

    The Houston Police Department penned a memorial statement on their Facebook saying:

    “With heavy hearts, we announce an HPD Mounted Patrol horse’s death, Charlotte, who died while on duty in a motor vehicle accident this morning. Charlotte came as a 2-year old to HPD from Oklahoma. She thrived and acquired the natural horsemanship programs. She cleared with flying colors the evaluation period and was working with the Downtown Houston streets and began under saddle in a short time after the programs. She did her job well and was ready to work in chasing bad guys or enjoyed nuzzles with children. She was dutiful in serving the Houston citizens for 4 years. We will miss Charlotte.”

    This clip was moving, do watch it:

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