Starving Stray Dog Sees Lady Lying Lifeless On Ground— What Unfolds Next Is Tear-jerking

    Amanda heard about a lost dog, Bear, in the Evan’s Creek mountains, and she acted instantly. She took her friend Dylan to accompany her and set to locate the dog.

    Amanda and Dylan were trying to pacify Bear the dog giving him treats and food, but nothing worked.

    They returned the next day and found the Bear in the same area. They tried to coax him again, but nothing was useful.

    At that time, the girls got an idea.

    Amanda planned an idea of lying down and pretending to be dead, seeking help. As decided, Amanda laid down and acted as though she was dead and was in dire need of help. They did this in the same area that the Bear was.

    As expected in two hours, the result was that will move all the animal lovers with tears.

    It started when a driver noticed in Evans Creek, Washington State a dog at his campsite. The dog looked malnourished and scared. It got aggressive as the driver approached.

    A few days later, Amanda, a girl came to know about the wild dog, Bear.

    Amanda and Dylan, her friend decided to save the dog and wanted to take him to an animal hospital.

    They did all to attract Bear, by offering treats, but all went in vain. Bear did not allow people to approach him.

    Amanda tried the tactics of lying down and playing dead.

    This act or trick was enough to bring the Bear to act immediately. It came to help. He sniffed Amanda for 20 minutes, lost interest and walked away.

    Now Amanda did not give up, Bear came after an hour. This time, he sat beside Amanda.

    In the next two hours, Amanda won the trust of Bear and he was certain they will not harm.

    He followed Amanda to the car and they took him to the vet.

    Bear received the help that was needed. These animal lovers would not give up.

    Later, in Washington, Animal welfare organization Lost & Found Pets tried to locate the owner of this dog, but could not find them.

    Fortunately, a family came ahead expressing their desire to adopt Bear and now he is in a loving home.

    What do you think? Let us know on the comment section below. Knowing Bears rescue operation, you cannot be without sharing this story!


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