Stray Dog Kept Chasing People On Beach Until Someone Finally Helped Her

    Stray dogs in Greece are in millions now and more will add in the coming years.

    Blue was a stray dog. On a vacation by the sea, there was a small village, nearly 150 km from Athens. On vacation in 2016 being in the countryside was tough. You have to turn a blind eye so that you do not reach home back with rescue dogs.

    Every noon, walking by the sea with dogs was enjoyable as the entire beach was available after sunset. One noon she noticed a dog wagging her tail approaching and it was apparent the dog was looking for a company. She joined and tried to mingle the four of us.

    Even as an animal lover, getting used to stray dogs in Greece is common. Choosing to rescue is another task. Blue was nothing nor sick or hurt, nor was she pregnant or had newborns. She was healthy and 6-7 months old. It means she was not a problem.

    Blue was a stray and was desperately seeking human company and attention. She wanted a family that she belonged to. She was adopted in October 2016 in Holland.

    Her mum and I talked, and noticed Blue had progressed. I believe she will be a therapy dog, and if not, she will lead a great life.

    What do you think?


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