Senior Dog Left In Someone’s Yard With The Most Heartbreaking Note

    A 13-year old dachshund mix was placed in a stranger’s yard at Fayetteville, Georgia by some owners who did not wish to take care any longer.

    The dog had a note attached to its collar saying:

    The Person leaving Reese found this as the best property to leave the dog. It is believed that the kind-hearted lady will not ignore the plea of Reese’s.

    It said she was unable to keep the dog and maintain and so the woman asked the Facebook community to find a new home for Reese. The dog with a note spread soon and rescuers from Royal Animal Refuge got alerted.

    Animal control facilities deny surrenders and this becomes tough when a rescue is not found and there is no place to go, said Weigand.

    Weigand was one of the veteran foster carers of Royal Animal Refuge who stepped in and took Reese under her wing until they found her a family. However, Robyn Klein was happy to assist.

    Klein’s mom was an old lady and it was a few months ago she lost her baby dog. So, she stepped up and she is already in love with Reese, said, Robyn.

    With a short time of togetherness, the adoption papers were filled by Suzy. She knew Reece and she could spend their lives together.

    It was good news. Reece was abandoned and now getting a forever home ensures a long way to go with a loving person.

    Weigand said Suzy, ‘She is happy to give a home to the dog’. She also assures Reece will be loved.

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