Street Dog Walks To Pharmacy And Shows Injured Paw. Adorable Viral Video Has Internet In Tears

    Walking up to a pharmacist in Istanbul, video of a street dog with the intent of asking for help as its hurt paw is viral on social media…

    Dogs express themselves more than humans; it is the common opinion of the audience on the internet after watching a video of a dog getting help from a pharmacist had gone viral. In this small clip, a street dog is seen standing on the door of the pharmacy, and with a debilitating expression, the dog was looking at the pharmacist.

    Banu Cengiz, hence, paced towards the dog and observed that its paw was hurt and bleeding. In order to ask for help, the dog gives it paw on Banu’s hand and shows him. The wound was cleaned by her and medicine was applied to it, food and water were also provided to the dog.

    “When I had treated her, she laid down on the floor to thank me. She was telling, ‘I believe you,’” Banu Cengiz told.

    Watch the video here:

    The video was found by the internet to the cutest, and defined it with words such as “adorable” and “nicest”. Another tweet said: “Dogs are really the most excellent creatures” while another user told: “I admire dogs and sometimes humans also.” This specific user also suggested: “Someone should take the dog in.”

    A small area outside the pharmacy is maintained by Banu Cengiz also for the stray dogs who cannot be adopted. “I undertake this responsibility because they can feel. We must help those people who are in need of it. Children should be taught to love and admire animals and nature. Then, it would be possible for us to live together in this beautiful world,” she detailed.

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