Terrified Pit Bulls Are All Alone In The World, Then They Have This Life-changing Moment…

    It is not known why these two adorable pooches have been thrown away by their owner, they were found in each other’s arms when they were left at the shelter. They most certainly have been fearful as they might not be sure of what the future may have for them.

    Prior to two weeks, Bridget and Louie, as the two little dogs had been named, were brought to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas. They had been snapped when they arrived into the shelter, and they still hold each other’s in arms as they were not aware yet that a new improved chapter was about to begin in their lives.

    The two dogs were definitely sharing a strong bond with each other, so they made a decision to allow them to share the same room at the shelter. They had the signs of the neglect, who were suffering from mange and tangled fur.

    The little black dog, Louie, was tied a metal collar that had barbs sticking out into his neck.

    The teeth’s condition of Bridget was also not well; she was possibly chewing on a metal material or a chain that caused her upper teeth powdered to her gums. It is thought that she must have had multiple litters. She also must have been with dogfighters who actually are famous for cutting down the teeth of female dogs so that males may remain protected from them. The cause of their overall appearance as bait animals or by any other reason is really distressing.

    Last week, Louie and Bridget were taken from the shelter to their foster parents on a ride to their non-permanent house when they will have their absolute freedom.

    Once both dogs reached the place of their foster family, they were in admiration of their couch! I looked like Bridget admired sleeping on it!

    It looks like both of them were enjoying relishing upon the porch when they soaked the sunlight on their faces.

    With their new sisters and brothers

    Bridget just continued wagging her every time her new mom was taking a photograph for her.

    There was also a great time left for cuddling up.

    It is the best thing for an animal lover to come to know that there is a better future for Louie and Bridget.

    Both canines are on the track towards healing to an extent that they are ready for the adoption, they will be up for adoption on the website of Texas Animal Shelter when they are certified to be ready!

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