Toddler Gets Too Close To A Baby Gorilla, Has Parents And Zoo Visitors Burst Out Laughing

    Making friends with unlikeliest people in the unlikeliest places is possible. Yet, it is unimaginable to understand what Isaiah a 2 ½-year-old and a young gorilla, Kamoli had in common to share on meeting at the Columbus zoo. This was caught in a camera.

    Isaiah reaches the gorilla enclosure and climbs to get a clear view of the little gorilla, Kamoli. Kamoli’s parent, another gorilla, keeps an eye from a distance.

    Kamoli suddenly walks to a corner that was a pillar-like tree, so that Isaiah’s could not see Kamoli. However, the little gorilla could not resist and looks at the boy to note if he is following. Luckily the family of Isaiah was encouraging Isaiah to follow, thereby begun a short back and forth chase towards the tree sides.

    Isaiah, the little one burst out laughing after the gorilla. This was a peek-a-boo show that all the kids would love to be a part of this game, forget the species. It was an energetic two-some playing!

    Watch the lovable chase of Isaiah and Kamoli in the video below:

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