Kitten Wasn’t Going To Survive … Until She Met Her Dog Mom

    Rosie met Lilo, the husky and the glorious days began. The rescue kitty was 3-month-old and it found a happy home before two months. It was not even the first night and she was with Lilo snuggling.

    Rosie started suckling Lilo and Lilo became a full mom. The owner of Rosie came on Instagram saying ‘Rosie’s getting much better and is opening eyes.’

    Rosie’s new home is wonderful and with mama Lilo, there are roommates of Rosie’s other husky, other kitties and some bunnies.

    All are helping the little kitty gain strength and the bond of Rosie and Lilo is tight. It appears that Lilo is her mama and taking a canine behavior by taking Rosie for walks on a leash in the park and lying around with her dog family.

    Rosie entered as a foster kitty and later it was announced that she found a home forever and is with her new family.

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    Happy #nationalfrenchfryday !!🍟😄 ————————————————–📢Special Announcement!🔊 We've decided that Rosie is officially staying! Our original concerns were that we would not be the best possible home for her, since we are college students, and working, ect. But after much consideration, and the possibility that she could make another family very happy, we decided that the bond between her and Lilo trumps all. After all, who could possibly separate a love like that?? So we are delighted to announce that Rosie has a forever home with us, and we've foster failed yet another time..😂 Please look forward to more of their adventures together, as they will be taking on the world as a pack from now on!👩‍👩‍👧‍👧💕 #liloandrosie

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    There will be more adventures and more posting will be about the complete package!

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