Two People Fight Over A Dog In Judge Judy’s Court – Now Watch When She Asks For The Dog To Be Let Loose

    Judge Judy is famous for her sensible and straightforward attitude when trivial issues are brought to her attention. She sees cases ranging from the unpaid bills to unconvincing accusations. Whenever she has dealt with any case, people have noticed her intelligent side capable of solving various issues.

    Judge Judy was faced with an interesting case, which concerned the best and the dog.

    The plaintiff tells that his dog, who was named Baby Boy, ran away from the house and it was nowhere to be seen. The local woman was the defendant who had purchased the same dog for $50 for her mother in front of a local mall.

    There was a direct struggle between the plaintiff and the defendant. Dog belonged to whom? The woman also procured the documents, giving the evidence that it was hers.

    The judge identified the owner of the dog in the most ingenious manner. The woman was asked to free the puppy. And to everybody’s astonishment, the dog walked hurriedly towards the real owner.

    You can have look at this heart-melting video footage below and let us know what you make of it:

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