Man Was Relaxing In His Camping Chair, Then A Huge Brown Bear Decides To Sit Next To Him

    It is always an unbelievable experience to see nature from the close angles. Witnessing migration of the flocks of birds to warmer climates in the winter, and seeing the blossoming of flowers in the spring – everything brings us near to nature. There are also other unbelievable natural phenomena also, such as the annual gathering of brown bears at Alaska’s McNeil River State Game Sanctuary.

    Bears congregate there on an annual basis between June and August for feasting on the Salmon. A handful of people are only permitted to oversee these large bears and also permitted to take their photos. Drew Hamilton had also come to the place to enjoy this majestic sight, but he got more than what he had asked for.

    A brown bear had walked right into his vicinity, and enjoy the view just the way Hamilton did!

    He just laid there and enjoyed the surroundings for a bit. He even yawned for a bit! Hamilton made sure to capture the special moments. He was a bit scared when the bear was leaving, but no harm reached the Hamilton.

    You can just check out their meet-up below:

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