Ups Driver Hears Woman Yelling ‘Help’ Inside Home – When Cops Break Down Door They Can’t Believe Their Eyes

    Anytime, you hear screaming sounds for help, what will you do? Go for help inside, call the police or act as if you never heard anything and leave immediately?

    A UPS driver, Lee Purdy faced such a situation and acted instantly. The situation was totally different from what he anticipated.

    Lee Prudy, as usual was doing his job of dropping in Oregon, USA the packages. This was the time he heard screams from a house as he passed.

    He paid attention carefully and it was a woman’s voice. At first, he was shocked and did not understand what he must do. The voice was such that the woman was unable to speak properly, Lee chose to ask his wife a piece of advice.

    She immediately dialed 911, putting Lee’s call on hold.

    The police arrived and on entering the home were ready for any tough situation. The house was empty and only a single parrot was in the center of the living room shouting for help.

    Lee had heard about the parrot Diego, while the police were shocked and relieved that no one was in trouble.

    Susan Baird, Diego’s owner told that this bird sets off fear at times. She loves mimicking sounds of animals and humans and its favorite phrase is ‘help me’.

    Even Baird’s family guests asked about the help screams coming around from other rooms.

    Watch this video and see how Diego does it:

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