She Was Taken Away From Her Puppies And Left At A Shelter. Their Reunion Brought Me To Tears

    Noelle is a Pitbull bought by someone to a Canadian shelter. He said it was a stray dog. The shelter staff found it unbelievable and believed he was the owner.

    Noelle’s mammary glands were inflamed with milk, showing she had given birth to puppies.

    Noelle appeared dirty and there were abuse signs. It appeared undernourished and was seen suffering from depression and anxiety. The rescue group, K9 Crusaders took Noelle and started the process of taking care. They wrote on Facebook about the fragile condition of Noelle.
    They told her she was just over 30lbs the day she arrived and every rib was visible. She was feeding her babies and she was not fed.

    The K9 Crusaders did some detective work online and reunited Noelle with her pups. They also found Noelle in a car where her head was up for a camera and there was a mystery man. This person was the one who bought Noelle to the shelter. They were trying to find out if the photo was taken with her puppies as a final ride before she was handed over here?

    The amateurs located an online sales forum having a listing for puppies. It had 8 Pit Bull mix puppies and a photo of Noelle nursing them. This claimed the momma dog died after giving birth. The rescuers looked for who posted the ad and it was the man who abandoned Noelle at the shelter. Their suspicion came true.

    K9 Crusaders released a post describing their efforts about reclaiming Noelle’s puppies:
    ‘They worked together to save and negotiated for a mass purchase of the 8 puppies. These puppies were hardly 5-6 weeks old and were so young that they cannot be taken away from their mothers. However, the people who sold puppies just saw the dollars and allowed us to buy the puppies without any question’.

    Fortunately, the actions were taken by K9 Crusaders and Noelle was reunited with her babies hours later such that they in time for holidays. It was a remarkable moment.

    Here is a heart-warming reunion video:


    This heartwarming reunion took place around 2:40 am on the morning of December 13th thanks to Carolyne from Pound Paws, who, once she had these puppies safely in her care, hopped in her car and made the long drive from Montreal to Cobourg in the middle of the night to bring this family back together. For those of us who work in rescue, and who see things we often wish we could forget, this will remain a cherished memory forever<3Thank you Maddie Maillet for this wonderful video keepsake<3Please consider making a donation today.

    Posted by K9 Crusaders on Monday, January 4, 2016

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