Woman Discovers The Hilarious Reason Why A Neighbor’s Dog Comes To Her House Every Day

    Pets have reasons to run away leaving their homes. They may be overly anxious, frightened or abused. Here is a strange dog that can do anything like this!

    A woman was doing some personal work at home and noticed a dog appeared suddenly. He did not seem to be a threat as he appeared healthy and so she patted him. The dog just followed the woman, and now the story gets really interesting….

    The dog came closer to the woman, she patted him lovingly, he followed her inside the house, reached for the hall corner and slept off peacefully. The dog woke up after an hour, went to the door, and the woman let him out.

    The dog came the next day again, greeted me, walked inside and took to his space in the hall corner, and caught up with his sleep for an hour. The woman recalled and said now it was several weeks this process was continuing, off coming every noon, sleeping off, and leaving after an hour. The woman wondered, what this doggy was up to?

    The woman got an idea at that time. She tagged a note to the dog’s collar asking ‘who is the owner of this dog and if they were aware that every noon their dog comes for a nap here.’

    The next day, the woman was astonished to find a new note pinned to the dog’s collar while he came on his schedule to catch up with his noon nap. The note read as: The dog lives with six children, among them two are under three years and is unable to catch up with enough sleep.

    The next line coming here is going to make you unbelievable: In fact, the dog’s owner requested if she could also come with the dog the next day?”

    This note shows that the dog as a parent is not the only one who is awake to take care of her children. However, this pooch is really cute and lucky to get into a stranger’s house.

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