Little Bird Asks His Dad “What Do You Want?”, But Keep Watching

    Dogs and cats videos are very popular on the internet but parrots are popular too. It seems like the parrot videos are gaining popularity on the internet day by day. We have witnessed the beauty of cockatiels and cockatiels before and so found them talk and sing. But this video is surely ready to make a difference. This is about a precious and full entertaining parrot.

    Little Lorie is here to make you smile and to give you a much-needed entertainment dose. See her talk beautifully.

    The name of the beautiful, cute parrot is Lorie and it is known as Sparky. According to his owner, he is one of the smartest birds across the globe. Do you agree with him? Well, and then watch the video and your thought will match his too. The owner was not in a plan to record this video but when the parrot started to beautifully talk, he could not resist.

    This little bird is very gracious and he is e polite host when you are looking for money. He is able to listen to the parrot and his unlimited talk for the entire day. This is really adorable.

    Find the video here and praise the talent of the Sparky.

    Is it amazing? If yes, share your comments and thoughts here too.


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