Women Rescues Stray Kitten, But Moment She Introduces Him To Her Other Cat, Whole Internet Fall In Love…

    We will find heroes in several forms and different waves of our lives. Moonglade Rose is such a hero with a wise, selfless, beautiful heart. Rose recently in October, found a distressed small cat. It was a necessity to get faster medical attention. She brought it to the nearest ER and gave it back her life but it was shaken because of the ordeal.

    She named it Opie and brought her home. He was unaware of the fact that how Andy, his cat will react by seeing the kitty. When Andy heard the soft squeal of Opie, he ran to it.

    The nest part of the video is really adorable when Andy wrapped the little kitty in his arm and he started the grooming process for her. It was his style to welcome and comfort the little cat. Andy was there at Opie’s side always even at night. He behaved like an elder brother, saved her and guarded her.

    When Rose found Andy, he was also in a poor condition, close to a gas station. She brought him home and nursed him to help him to recover.

    Watch the video below :

    This is a heartwarming video, watch it and share it if you like. Share your thoughts about the story with us too.


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