Lizard vs Gecko difference & comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Lizard vs Gecko?

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Lizards and geckos are among the most amazing but confusing reptiles in the animal kingdom. If you are searching for the difference between these two reptiles- Lizard vs Gecko, this is the article for you. In this informative article, we will discuss the differences between the lizard and the gecko. The differences between this reptiles will help us know if the lizard and the gecko fought who would win? So… let’s get started?

lizard vs gecko

What are interesting facts on Lizards?

Lizards are reptiles in the order Squamata. Lizards are of over 6000 species. Generally, lizards have a small head a long body and a long tail. Most of them are quadrupedal- have four legs. They move in a side to side motion. There are quite a number of species which are legless while some have wings.

Where do you found lizards?

Lizards are found in almost every place in the world. they are mostly found in rocks and trees.

What does a lizard eat?

Lizards are carnivorous. Their diet mostly involves spiders termites cicadas and other small animals. However, there are certain species of lizards that are omnivorous, eating both plants and meat.

Why lizards keep their body warm?

Lizards are cold-blooded. They rely on the environment to keep their bodies warm. And due to this reason, you’ll find many lizards basking on the rock on cold mornings.

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How does a Lizard Reproduce?

Just like most of the reptiles lizards are oviparous- they lay eggs for reproduction. Only a small number of lizards are oviviviparous-give birth as a means of reproduction. One amazing fact about baby lizards is that they are self-sufficient right from birth. They are able to walk run and even feed themselves. Baby lizards 18 months to 7 year.

What is lifespan of a lizard?

Lizards have a long lifespan and can live up to 50 years.

what is average size of a Gecko?

Geckos are much similar to lizards in many ways, in fact, geckos are lizards. They are mostly found in warm climates throughout the world. Their size ranges from 1.6 cm to 60 cm.

How does a Gecko eat?

Geckos mostly feed on insects fruits and flower nectar.

What is the purpose of Gecko Tail?

The tail of a gecko will be used to save fat which will be later used when the food is scarce.

Geckos are nocturnal- they will do most of their hunting at night. Their vision is excellent, being 350 times more sensitive to light than human beings.Geckos are known for their special tows that allows them to climb vertical and smooth surfaces.

How does a Gecko reproduce?

Just like lizards geckos lay eggs for production. The female can remain pregnant for some years after fertilization before it lays the eggs.

One odd fact about geckos are that they can’t blink, they have to keep on licking their eyes to keep them moist and clean.  This is because most gecko species have fixed immovable eyelids.

Major difference between gecko and lizard

One major difference between the lizards and the gecko is their legs. Large toes that can enable them to climb the wall even while they are upside down. Lizards can’t climb the wall while they are upside down.

Another major difference between the two is that lizards have eyelids while the geckos have no eyelids. Geckos use their tongue to clean their eyes.

How geckos and lizards defend themselves?

Most geckos have the ability to change their color to blend with their surroundings. This camouflage ability enables them to become almost invisible to predators. When attacked by predators geckos and lizards are able to detach their tail.

The tail keeps on twitching and thrashing about which causes a great distraction to the predator which allows the gecko to escape.  Quite a good number of geckos and lizards have been found to contain venom which they can use in self-defense and while hunting.

Lizard vs Gecko fight comparison- who will win?

A fight between the two is unusual because they are similar in most aspects. But what you need to note is that most lizard species are large than geckos, therefore the lizard has more chances to win.

However, the determining factor remains to be the type of species of this two reptiles. Remember that the many species have different sizes, some being larger than the other so the larger opponent will in the fight.

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