Crocodile vs Jaguar fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Crocodile vs Jaguar?

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Jaguar vs. crocodile fights is very popular in the wild. They mostly occur when the jaguars hunt for meals in the water streams. This informative article will help you learn facts about the Jaguar and the crocodile. You’ll probably be amazed by some facts about this two animals you didn’t know, but surely you will enjoy. Let’s get started with jaguar vs crocodile fight comparison.

jaguar vs crocodile

How many species of crocodiles are there?

Crocodiles are one of the most feared aquatic reptiles, mostly due to their powerful jaws and aggressiveness.

The crocodile is in the family, Crocodylidae. There are almost 23 species of crocodiles in the world. However, most of this crocodiles are endangered because of poaching.

What is average size and weight of a crocodile?

The average crocodile has an average length of 4.0 meters to 5 meters and a weight of about 400 to 1000 kg.

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What is lifespan of a crocodile?

Crocodiles live for long; they can live up to 100 years. Most people think that crocodiles are quite slow when it comes to movement.

How Fast crocodile swims in water?

But did you know that a crocodile can move at a speed of 24-29 km/hr in water? This is made possible by its large tail which acts as a steer while the crocodile is swimming in water.

How Fast crocodile moves on land?

The crocodile can move at a speed of 17 km/hr. on land with its short strides. So never think at one point you’ll confront the crocodile then out outrun it.

What is bite force of a crocodile?

One amazing feature possessed by the crocodile is the strength in their jaws. Actually, they have the strongest bites in the animal kingdom. The bite of a crocodile can be as strong as 37000 psi. Comparing it with some animals such as the lion with a bite force of around 650psi you’ll notice how strong jaw are.

Do crocodile swallow the food?

Crocodiles don’t swallow their food. They will tear up the prey and swallow the pieces. They will then swallow stones to ensure fast digestion in their stomach.

How Long can crocodile live without food?

Did you know that crocodiles can go up to three years without food? Yes, crocodiles can slow their metabolism enough to survive long times of drought.

What are interesting facts of jaguar?

Jaguars are the third largest cat just after the tiger and the lion. Jaguars weigh 50 to 148 kg and have a length of 112- 185 cm without including the tail.  Jaguars resemble the leopard but are more build with more muscles and a well built up chest. Jaguars are dotted with black spots which resemble flowers on their upper part.

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Where you found the jaguars?

Most jaguars are found in the tropic forest of the South and Central America. They can also be found in the southern parts of North America ( Arizona). One thing about jaguars you should keep in mind is, jaguars aren’t afraid of water like most cats are, in fact, jaguars love swimming and hunting in water. 

What does a jaguar eat?

Jaguars eat a wide range of animals such as monkeys snakes, dear, turtles eggs, crocodiles, fish and basically anything they will find pleasant.

Crocodile vs Jaguar fight comparison- who will win?

Each of this animals has their own strengths and weaknesses, for one the crocodile is not as fast as the jaguar. Just like other cats, the jaguar’s reflexes enable it to move quickly when in danger. It is, therefore, able to avoid the powerful bites from the bites of the crocodile. You should also take note that the jaguar is very powerful and also has a very powerful bite.  Its bite is ranked just after the crocodile’s and the hippos, so by using its bite it is able to bite the slow crocodile get it out of the water and in no time the crocodile will bleed to death.

Jaguars are experienced hunters hunting in river beds and streams. 

I hope you like reading an article on Crocodile vs Jaguar fight.


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