5 Reasons Why a Dog Really is Man’s Best Friend?

While any pet can prove to be a great companion, it is no surprise that cats and dogs have proven to be the most desired animals in this category. They are entertaining, affectionate and get accustomed to their homes and families very easily. Although fish and birds are also preferred choices in many countries, they are no competition for dogs and cats. According to statistics, the second most popular pets for a household in the US are cats. The most popular, as you can guess, are dogs.

Dogs are loyal and devoted by nature. They build up close bonds with their owners, just like human beings. So if you are thinking of getting a pet, consider getting a dog. Here are some reasons why:

1. They Are Great Company

It is an everyday scenario for a dog owner to come home to their pooch waiting at the door, wagging its tail in joy and waiting to play. But depending on the day you have had at work you may not always feel up to playing with your dog. You may not know it, but dogs are surprisingly understanding. They will not just tag along wherever you want to go, but also join you in whatever you do. 

Some breeds like corgi, terrier, collie, and others tend to be active and love to play outside. Whatever the time is, if you want to play, they will be ready. They seem to have an endless supply of energy and are always hungry for your attention. Contrary to popular belief, this is not true of all dogs. English bulldogs and pugs are two examples of lazy dog breeds who would love to just relax with you after a long day. So whatever your mood, there is a dog out there you can enjoy your time with.

It won’t be a huge concern whether you live alone, have a partner or a family. Dogs are comfortable around children. It has been found that if a dog has been with a mother during pregnancy, they develop an early attachment to the baby. They protect the baby as their own and tend to be calm around children. Children not only love the company of pets but also learn to care for them from a young age. 

2. Dogs Can Help Deal With Loneliness

For individuals who live alone, having a dog to care for gives them a sense of responsibility. The pet is often seen as a companion. Having a happy and healthy dog at home can make people feel more secure and happy. Even when they make choices, they will start subconsciously considering how it would affect their pet. 

Dogs can also help their owners overcome depression due to loneliness. Dogs can sense if you are feeling low. Your pet can make you feel calmer just by being around you. They can help you through tough times by giving you enough purpose and motivation to make it through the day. The attachment you feel towards your dog is reciprocated by him or her.

3. They Can Bring Positive Changes to Your Life

Although dogs will happily accompany you when you take part in your favourite activity, they may also be able to push you into doing things you tend to put off. If you want to jog or take a walk every day, but somehow cannot find the motivation, get a puppy. There is no way you can reason with a dog or explain why you do not want to go out. They will make sure you get off the couch and take them out every day when it is time for their walk. It is more effective to go running with a dog rather than alone. 

When you do take your dog out for a run, don’t forget that they will want to play. How a dog reacts to its surroundings can be entertaining to watch. You will realize there is never a dull moment with them around when you come home to your dog chasing its tail.

4. Dogs Can Improve Mental Health

Puppies are adorable pets. They can recognize your touch from a young age and will start forming a bond. If you ever find yourself wondering how they came to be so loyal to you over time, it is because of all the closeness it felt like a pup.

In addition to being exceptionally loyal, dogs are also very caring. At least half of pet owners in America talk to their pets. Now, this helps humans more than it helps the pet since it can’t understand you, but it does have some effect. Dogs can know when their owners are happy or sad, and even their moods can be affected by yours.

A study showed that pet owners (especially dog owners) slept longer and more soundly with their pets in the same room. It works the same way as when you have another person in the room or your bed. Humans are often comforted by the thought of security. 

Dogs can be trained to perform several tasks. This is why they are often good service animals. In addition to this, dogs can help humans elevate their mood, reduce anxiety and relieve stress. They make great emotional support animals as well. However, they are assigned to provide help and comfort to patients with physical or mental illness. Service dogs can also serve as emotional support animals in extreme cases. They can detect signs of an attack and are trained in how to act in a crisis. 

5. Dogs Have Great Instincts

Have you ever seen a dog swim? If so, have you ever seen anybody teaching the dog to swim? Animals learn to swim when they are dropped in the water. This is how well they can use their instincts and innate skills. These instincts can be of great help to you too.

If you are not thrilled by the idea of having a pet, you can always get a watchdog. If you do not plan on letting an animal watch over your house, you can still benefit from just keeping a pet. Even if your dog stays inside the house with you, they have a natural tendency to warn you if they spot anything out of the ordinary. Since dogs can easily recognize faces, they will always react differently when strangers come home.

It has also been observed that dogs are able to sense danger, owing to their strong sense of smell and hearing. You can always rely on your pet to bark and wake you up in the middle of the night if there is an earthquake, in case no one else notices it. There have been many such stories where a family was saved due to the alertness of their dog. 

Now you may worry that you have to train your dog to become more alert. Like all animals, dogs have a strong survival instinct. Since they cannot be sure whether they will be able to fight the danger on their own (although they try with all their might), they tend to make noises and warn people and other animals in their surroundings. 

Want to Get A Dog of Your Own? Do Some Research

There is a lot of information available on the internet and you can even ask friends or family that keep dogs to give you tips. You can purchase a breed of your choice or adopt one. You can also perform a location-based search to narrow down your options. The animal knows how to care for you by instinct, but cannot tell you if you are doing it wrong. So it is best to ask around and get reviews on which dog products might be best for your dog before you pick some up from the market. You need to look for quality and nutritional content when choosing dog food in particular.

Having a pet may seem like a lot of hassle, but it is a lot easier these days to look after one. With dogs and cats becoming more popular every day, the number of products available for their care is more accessible than ever. Whatever you may need, starting from a dog bed, collar, food, toys, and everything else, whatever your dog might need is at your fingertips. In case you cannot find a physical store, there are always online stores that you can browse through.

Despite all the products and treats that you give your pet, the best thing you can provide is your attention and love. You will receive this a hundred times in return. Dogs are simple creatures, of course, and have very simple wants and need that you can easily attend to. They do not see a master in humans, they see a friend. They care about you and will do anything they can to protect you and your home. So if you need a loyal, dedicated friend, you can find one in your local pound today.



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