What Are The Effects Of Cbd Oil On Canine Seizures In Dogs?

What are the causes of Seizures in Dogs?

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You probably feel stressed out and helpless when you see your dog suffer from seizures. Witnessing the struggle of your dog and not knowing how to assist them can be painful for any dog owner. It is incredibly frightening to see a dog go through an episode of seizures. 

Is there any natural treatment for dog seizures?

Fortunately, medical science is always progressing with innovative concepts to deal with medical issues around the world. One such idea is to make use of CBD oil for dogs as an effective medication for seizures.

What are Seizures?

Seizures in dogs can be barely a jerk to severe shaking. These might last for a couple of minutes. The causes of this disorder include head injury and other health issues like cancer, kidney problem, pesticides, vaccines, and tick products. 

seizures in dogs treatment
Seizures in Dogs

However, if the dog has persisting regular seizures, the cause can be epilepsy. This medical condition has no permanent cure. However, CBD oil can suffice in managing it.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is an extraction from the cannabis hemp plant. However, it does not possess psychoactive properties like those of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), owing to its structure. The CBD structure has a positive effect on managing seizures. Dogs, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies. 

The nervous systems, brain, and spinal cord have a high concentration of CBD. They organically release endocannabinoid chemicals. Cannabidiol also interacts with the receptors, impacting these organs more than the others.

What is the Impact of CBD oil on Dog Seizures?

Scientists have conducted several case studies to understand how CBD oil can assist in effective control of seizures among dogs. The studies show the significant relationship between the amount of CBD absorbed in the blood of dogs and the rate of reduction in seizures. CBD oil for dogs is a pain relief and seizure managing supplement. 

Dog owners report that it has reduced the frequency of seizures. Generally, due to acute cramping of muscles during seizures, a dog will experience severe body pain. CBD effectively reduces this pain.  There are other suggested drugs to contain the seizures. However, none of them match the results of CBD oil.

What is the working Procedure of CBD Oil?

The endocannabinoid receptors are vital when it comes to CBD oil for seizures among dogs. Two types of receptors exist- CB1 receptors that are present in the nervous system and the brain; CB2 receptors in the immune system. CB1 receptors have a more significant impact on seizure treatment. 

The CBD interacts with these receptors and improves seizure control, especially when the patient has epilepsy syndrome. The CBD in the oil affects the receptors that subdue the firing neurons during a seizure.

How much CBD oil is required for treatment of your dog?

The quantity of CBD dosage depends on the size of the dog. First, check the weight of your dog. It will decide how much of this CBD oil will show effective results. Typically, a fair amount of relief comes with two doses per day. However, the suggestion is to check the product label for directions. The right brand of CBD oil for dogs is equally critical.

The testimonial evidence shows CBD can effectively manage your dog’s seizures. Review each brand carefully before selecting the best suitable one for your furry friend.


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