10 Scientific Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

There is a great debate among cat lovers and dog owners. They argue in the favor of their beloved pet category. Both have different pros and cons. However, here are 10 Scientific Benefits of Being a Dog Owner and why they are the best friends of humans.

1. Dog Owners Enjoy Great Heart Health

advantage of having a dog

Yes, it is true that owning a dog helps to decrease the risk of heart diseases. A study carried out at Harvard University revealed that dog owners have lower levels of cholesterol. Also, they enjoy low levels of triglyceride as compared to the non-dog owners.

It is evident that there is a high rate of heart disease in the USA leading to various deaths among both men and women. Eventually, owning a dog can lead to a healthy lifestyle for their owners.

Furthermore, it is also observed that the dog owners experience lower blood pressure. Secondly, hormone oxytocin boosts that is referred to as the natural love drug.

All this happened due to the interaction with the dogs. When you cuddle your dog or look straight into his eyes, the hormone oxytocin released in a high amount that ease to the owner as well as the dogs. Silver Lab Puppies are the best example in this regard.

2. Dogs Help to Improve Your Immunity System

Apart from the lower risk of heart disease, also, dog owners experience improvement in their immunity system. These are the ideal pets & domestic animals bringing all sorts of new bacteria helpful to boost their immune systems pretty well.

Due to the rise in the immunity system, people face fewer problems and tackle normal illnesses easily. Eventually, by covering us in their bacterial germs, dog owners get sick less often as compare to the non-dog owners.

3. Dogs Owners Are Highly Resistant to Allergies

This is amazing that the dog owners are highly resistant to numerous allergies around. Although, the statement may be counterintuitive because of some people allergic to dogs.

However, when someone grows up alongside dogs, their immunity increases gradually and let the allergies go off quickly. A detailed study was carried out in this regard that revealed children living with the dogs faceless chances of developing other allergies.

Amazing facts and benefits of owning a dog are the development of different factors required for newborn human babies. Due to that, they get a remarkable tendency to face illness and allergies.

Especially, researchers experienced that if a dog was available in the house during pregnancy, it caused pretty affects. The newborn children found two new bacteria in Ruminococcus and Oscillospira very helpful to fight against common allergies, asthma, and obesity.

4. Increases in Happiness

benefit of having a dog

It is obvious from the research and studies that dog owners live a healthy and happy life. Moreover, dog owners normally live a stress-free life. They get a chance to go for long walks and experience a social interaction leading to a happy life.

In addition to the above, Dog owners experience higher self-esteem, sufficient exercise, and less stressful life.

5. Dogs Make You Active and Help to Lose Bodyweight

It is important to note that dogs let their owner be active and alert. Being a dog owner, one spends most of the time playing with them. Similarly, you can have evening walks, throw and fetch games, water sports, and so on making your body active and alert.

Also, gut microbes help to prevent obesity. The same research also revealed that long walks with your dog five days a week led to an average weight loss of 14.4 pounds.

6. Dogs Are Helpful to Detect Diseases Like Cancer, and Save Lives

It is crystal clear that dogs have the ability to detect breast cancer and other diseases in their early stage when the owners even did not notice. The study showed that dogs can sniff out various types of cancer before one goes for checkups.

There are various case studies where the dogs helped their owners to notice uncured problem well in time. In the study, it was further elaborated that a dog repeatedly licked a cancerous mole and eventually the owners went through clinical trials and found the same.

Other dog owners stated that the Dogs have the ability to detect diabetes and drop off the owner’s blood sugar.

In simple words, these are the service dogs that detect the diseases and let you focus on treatment. Even the scientists have no clue why they are so exact in finding the new problems in the dog owners. However, it is a fact that a dog’s nose can notice cancer and diabetes that is truly incredible.

7. Dog Make Kids More Empathetic

During 2017, another similar study was carried out that resulted in pet attachment promoted positive behaviours, attitudes, and compassion towards animals. It is surprising that the kids living with dogs have high scores for pet attachment. It is concluded that “Pets Attachment plays an important role in the personality development of children socially, emotionally, and mental well-being”.

8. More Active Social Life

benefit of owning a dog

As the dogs are lovely, highly trainable, and indirectly tell others that they are trustworthy. They help increase friendships and social networking with the other dog owners.

Likewise, during 2015 another research about dogs was conducted that showed the dogs can be catalysts for making new relationships. Also, they help you expand your social networking.

Dog owners meet other dog lovers and increase the friend circle that eventually makes them happy and live a stress-free life.

Also, they are the biggest source of physical exercise for the dog owners who normally walk about 2,750 more steps as compare to the non-dog owners.

9. Dog Owners Live a Happy, Healthy, and a Longer Life

We have discussed in detail about the 10 Scientific Benefits of Being a Dog Owner. Also, it is medically approved and surprising that dog owners live a longer life. There are many factors above like the development of better immunity and important bacteria leading to fighting against the aging factor.

As the Scientific Benefits of Being a Dog Owner is helpful to get happiness and live a stress-free life that leads towards a longer life span. Scientifically declared that being a dog owner reduces the risk of deaths by 33%.

10. Dogs Help in Your Personality Development

There are different surveys like “How I Met My Dog the first time” with the previous and present scores of human personality. It is observed that people having no puppy or adult dog have a fear of pets. However, those having pets or puppies at home are braver than others.

It is another research that shows the best type of dogs for a small family? In simple words, get a dog that matches your personality. It should be friendly, trainable, and less shedding.

With dogs, people become disciplined, regular, and social.


10 Scientific Benefits of Being a Dog Owner are explained above to understand human life pretty well. In short, people having dogs live a healthy, stress-free, and longer life. You can opt for a Labrador puppy because they are very social and super friendly. However, it is your own decision to get the one for your family.


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