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Bobcat is a species of cat that is bigger than a typical cat but smaller than that of an average-sized dog. It is found mainly in the continent of North America, from the southern part of Canada to Mexico. Most of the bobcats are grey or brown.

The tail of a bobcat is quite short and looks like bobbed or cut, so they are named after their tail. Bobcats are nocturnal animals. Humans can rarely spot them.

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A female bobcat usually gives birth between two to five kittens at a time. The kittens typically stay with their mothers for about a year. During this period, they learn hunting skills from their mother. A bobcat has an average life span of ten years.

what is the diet of Bobcat?

Bobcats are carnivorous animals. They are fierce hunters. They can kill animals bigger than their size. Bobcat is a camouflaged hunter who attacks stealthily. They can cover a distance of around twelve feet in one leap. A bobcat will kill a deer at times.

Difference between a bobcat and a lynx

Lynxes are usually found in Canada, but bobcats are found in the United States of America; however, both animals can be seen in the southern part of Canada. Although both the animals belong to the same genus, lynx and they look almost similar; however, there are a few differences between these two animals:

Bobcat ready to jump on food
Bobcat ready to jump on food

● Lynxes have longer ear tufts, but bobcats have shorter ear tufts.
● The tail of a lynx is much shorter than that of a bobcat.
● Bobcats are primarily brown or reddish-brown; there are distinct spots of dark brown color, while lynxes are mostly grey colored, and the spots are not distinct.
● The legs of lynxes are longer, but the legs of bobcats are shorter.
● Lynxes have larger paws than bobcats.
● Lynxes are gentler, but bobcats are very aggressive.

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Some FAQs about bobcats:

Are bobcats endangered?

Bobcats are not endangered animals as declared by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It is abundant in number and does not fall into the category of vulnerable animals yet.

There are around one million bobcats available only in the United States of America. Bobcats are reared for fur in 38 states of the USA and seven provinces of Canada. They are hunted in small numbers in Mexico. Although it is one of the least vulnerable animals, however, it is protected in a few states of the USA and Canada.

Can bobcats kill a human being?

Bobcats like to be in a secluded place and rarely attack humans. However, if a bobcat is infected with rabies, then it becomes very aggressive. It is better to keep a safe distance from this animal. Also, if you see a bobcat behaving erratically, it is better to call animal control authority.

Can we eat bobcats?

Yes, we can eat bobcats. The meat of bobcat tastes quite similar to pork; however, usually, a bobcat is not consumed. Many native tribes of the USA do hunt bobcat and eat the meat, but most of the residents of Unites states it is considered as a taboo to eat carnivorous animals.

Do we domesticate a bobcat as a pet?

We do not domesticate bobcats rightly as they are wild. Even if you try to tame a bobcat, it will never make a good pet. Moreover, the consequence can be quite dangerous as they can attack kids and other domestic animals and injure them very severely.

Is domesticating a bobcat legal in the USA?

It is not legal to domesticate a bobcat in most of the states in the USA; however, in some states, you can do that, but you need to take permission from the concerned authority for that.

Can bobcat kill a deer?

Yes, a bobcat can kill a deer; however, it is not an easy battle for the bobcat. Usually, they do not attack an adult deer, but they will not let go of a fawn.

Can bobcat kill a coyote?

Yes, a bobcat can kill a coyote but on a rare occasion. Bobcats are smaller than a coyote, but they are aggressive.

Can a bobcat kill a lynx?

Even though a bobcat is smaller than a lynx, a bobcat is likely to win the battle. It is because of its aggressive hunting style.

How fast bobcat runs?

Bobcats hunt stealthily and do not run much; however, they can run at speed between 25 to 30 miles per hour.

How big is a bobcat?

A bobcat is larger than a domestic cat but a little smaller than an average dog.

What bobcat eats?

Bobcats usually eat rats, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, etc. They also eat birds and reptiles.

Where do bobcats live?

Bobcats are found in the southern part of Canada, the USA, and Mexico. They usually live in forests, deserts, swamps, marshy lands, etc.

Which animals eat bobcats?

Young bobcats are eaten by eagles, wolves, fox, mountain lions, hawks, owls, etc. The adult ones are usually not attacked by other animals for food.

Do bobcats eat cats?

Yes, bobcats eat domestic cats if they find it around their habitat.

Can bobcats kill a dog?

It is unlikely that a bobcat will attack an adult dog. If it does, then it only intends to drive it away. It can kill a young dog, though.

What is the average size of a bobcat?

An average female bobcat weighs about 7 kilograms, and a male weigh around 8.5 kilograms. The height of a bobcat is approximately 20 inches, and they are 30-50 inches long.



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