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Dogs are the best buddy one can have. Aren’t they? They love playing either with toys or humans. Have you heard about the Labradors? Labrador retriever is a medium-large breed of dogs which love playing with toys and chews most of the times due to canine teeth’s. So, here we are reviewing best chewing toys for Labrador Retriever.

Where you found Labrador retriever dog?

It is mostly found in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

What is Lifespan of a Labrador Retriever dog?

Their life span is just 12 to 14 years.

What is weight of a Labrador Retriever dog?

Their typical weight is around 30 to 35 kgs.

What color Labrador dogs are there?

They are registered mainly in three colors. These are black, yellow and brown (somewhat chocolaty). Labrador retriever is a big name. Right? But no worries, as in short it is often called Labrador or just Lab.

Why you need chewing toys for Labrador Retriever?

Well, Labradors are a very playful kind of dog. They just love playing, be it with toys or with humans. But you cannot be free all the time just to play with your dog.

Isn’t it? So you do need an alternative to keep your Labrador Retriever or say Labrador busy. They are so lovable. You can’t live them all alone. All they want is your love and attention. So, you should get something to keep them busy.

Now you would be thinking of what could be an alternative for this? Well, there are many toys available for the dogs. They are entirely harmless.

You should buy some soft toys for your Labrador. They just love it. They even go crazy for their soft toys.

Best Chewing toys for Labrador retriever dog

Are you worried about which toy you should buy? Then don’t waste your time worrying about this. You have countless options. But as there are many options available in the market, it is very easy to fall into the trap of buying something which is not suitable for your dog or for you.

While buying a toy for your Labrador Retriever, you should keep in mind that the toys should be completely harmless. Well, Labradors love chewing while playing. So you should go for chewing toys. You know what, sometimes they snuggle their soft toys and carry them all around. But no matter how your Lab likes to play, you will for sure find the one that he will like.

Where to buy Soft chewing toys for Labrador dog?

Are you thinking about where to get these kinds of toys? Well, online shopping is not a big deal. You can get it from online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more. You can also get it from supermarkets and malls.

Are you confused about which toy to buy after seeing so many options? You should not be worried about this. Read this article you will get the solution to your problem for sure. We are going to suggest the best 8 chewing toys to keep your Labrador Retriever, which he is for sure going to like. So, here we go.


Product Name

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The Giraffe chew toy

                            Nylabone Dura chew

Large yellow duck chew toy

The Kong Extreme

                  The Zogoflex Hurley Toy bone

The Goughnut indestructible Dog chew toy

 The invicible chains

The Matz Gator toy

1. The Giraffe chew toy

The giraffe chew toy is a kind of rope toy as it is made up of ropes only. Labrador retriever is going to like this very much as he can put his teeth inside the toy. He can chew it all the time. He can snuggle it. He can do all these playful actions without getting hurt.

It can even get the Lab’s teeth cleaned in the process of chewing the toy because it is made up of rope; it can go in between the teeth and clean it. You should buy your Labrador, a giraffe chew toy. He is going to like it for sure. You can find it in any nearby store for dogs.


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2. Nylabone Dura chew

Are you having a powerful chewer? Some Labrador retriever is a really powerful chewer. So simple soft toys are not going to help them much. They can get bored with it. But don’t worry. If your lab is a powerful chewer, you can go for Nylabone Dura chew.

It is designed with them only in mind. It is a textured ring shaped chew toy. It also promotes the dental health of Labrador retriever. Nylabone Dura chew varies in shape and size. So, you should buy it keeping the size of your lab in mind. Again, you can get it in any nearby stores, or you can buy it online.

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3. Large Yellow Duck Chew Toy

You might have seen this kind of toy in television ads or on different posters. You might have seen it in the hands of a baby. Well, yes, babies have it. It is almost the same. That is a chew toy for babies, and here we are going to discuss the chew toy for Labrador.

Well, most of the Labrador owners prefer this as the lab loves to chew the sizeable yellow duck toy as it is soft and chewable. It is a kind of fun squeaker for your dogs. It is an ideal toy for cuddly labs. A powerful chewer doesn’t like it that much. A large yellow duck chew toy is entirely non- destructive. So you should buy this for your cuddly Labrador.

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4. The Kong Extreme

Have you heard about the Kong Extreme? It is a chew toy that a Labrador retriever loves to play with. It is a toy made up of traditional Kong shape. It is highly durable and somewhat more robust. Due to this feature, Labrador retriever, who is a powerful chewer, loves to play with it. Kong Extreme is the sturdiest version of Kong.

If your lab is a good biter, you should go for it. These are great for keeping your dog busy while you are working. Your dog can stay happy for a long time by grabbing and snuggling it all the time. Do you really want to see your lab happy? Then you should definitely try the Kong Extreme.

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5. The Zogoflex Hurley Toy Bone

Dogs are bone lovers. Aren’t they? Almost all the dogs wag their tails when they see a bone. This shows their love for a bone. So for this, we have this Zogoflex Hurley Toy Bone. It is a chew toy that is in the shape of a bone to keep your dog distracted.

It is an excellent toy for powerful chewers, and that is guaranteed. It is mainly blue in color, and it is specially designed for powerful chewers. This bone toy comes in a range of sizes. You should go for a larger one for your Labrador. He is, for sure, going to like it. He will keep chewing it all the time.

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6. The Goughnut indestructible Dog Chew Toy

You might be thinking about what actually this thing is. Aren’t you? It sounds like a doughnut. Isn’t it? Well, yeah, it is in the shape of doughnut only. Nowadays, it is the most popular dog toy as it is indestructible and gives an enjoyable chewing experience to robust chewers. This is a guaranteed toy.

It is not going to harm the Labrador retriever in any way. These are something that your Labrador wants. You should get it for him. He will be delighted. It is hard to break. If your lab breaks the outer green cover and reaches the red layer, the manufacturer will replace the toy. Isn’t it great? Your Labrador is going to spend a happy hour chewing it.

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7. The Invicible Chains

Does your Labrador retriever like the game of tugging? The invicible chains are literally the best toys for tugging games for dogs. It is designed perfectly to make your lab happy. It comes in a range of sizes.

You should buy it according to the size of your Labrador retriever. It is readily available in stores and a guaranteed product as well. It is one of the best toys for Labrador to keep him busy and happy.

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8. The Matz Gator toy

Does your Labrador retriever like sounds while playing? The Matz gator toy is a type of soft chewing toy which makes a sound when you press it. It will leave your Labrador mesmerized.

He will try to find where the sound is coming from. This process will keep him busy. Matz gator chew toy contains 30 squeakers in its body, which is a kind of entertainment factor for the dogs. Buy this toy for your Labrador to keep him happy.

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These were some of the best toys for your Labrador retriever. Read this article to find out which chewing toy would be the best for your Labrador. To choose the best toy for your Labrador retriever to think about his likes and dislikes.

Don’t wait. Go and buy some really good chewing toys for your Labrador retriever to keep him busy in the times when you are not with him. 


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