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Most dogs are lovable and give a pleasant company to man. A well-known dog breed, Labrador Retriever dogs, are highly active and amiable. A famous dog breed, Labrador retriever dogs, are highly productive and pleasant. Do you want to buy Labrador retriever? Must check Pros and Cons before buying one.

Why Labrador Retriever is perfect pet dog?

These breeds are known for their gracious and diligent nature. Because of this, Labrador retrievers are perfect as a dog for home or family environment

Can Labrador retriever can be a detector dog?

They also work well as search and rescue, detector, support assistance, or service dogs. Labradors are trained as pups as they are highly energetic and can go out of control if bored quickly.

In this article, we shall see some advantages and disadvantages of keeping a Labrador retriever.

What are the advantages and pros of keeping Labrador as a pet?

1. Friendly Dogs

Labradors are easy going and friendly most of the time. They can adapt or emotionally equate with humans due to their nature.

Can I  keep Labrador retriever dog with kids?

These considerate and affectionate dogs are excellent allies for kids and children. They quickly become friends with everyone, even strangers. No wonder, they can lift the mood of their owners with their playful smiles and jolliness.

Intelligent Labrador dog

2. Highly Intelligent dogs

Labrador retriever dogs are one of the smartest dogs you would have met. They are devoted to their owners and try to please them in any way possible.

Is it easy to train Labrador dog in comparison to other dogs?

They can be trained without any difficulty and are easy to be taught because of their high intelligence. They quickly learn basic manners and other instructions. They are keen to learn and try new things with their owners.

3. Active and Energetic Dogs

These dogs are lively and are full of life. They are athletic and love to use their energy and strength in sporty ways.

Why exercise is important for Labrador dogs?

They must exercise, like going out for walks every day to control their high energy levels. If not, or when they get bored, they can get aggressive and blow up.

Do Labradors are swimmers?

They like to play fetching and are also excellent swimmers.

4. Easy going, Patient and Fun loving dogs-

Labrador retrievers are a pleasure to be at any time. They entertain children with the tricks they learn. They get along with young children very well and can put up with their playful behavior patiently without getting violent.

Does Labrador retriever love playing Games?

They attempt to try new tricks or games that can give everyone a good time. These dogs are a pleasure to be within a dull, quiet evening.

5. Easily Trained Dogs

It is easy to teach or train Labrador retrievers. These dogs are trained from an early age to adapt or adjust to any environment well. It is easy to train these dogs as they are smart and extremely efficient. They love to get and carry their treats for a job done well. They get instructed to socialize as puppies so that they can get along with humans well later as adults.

6. Loyal Dogs

They are faithful to their masters and are known to be reliable. They love to go swimming, walking, trekking long distances, fetching treats, playing games with their owners.

I donot have friends, Can Labrador retriever will be mine best friend?

There will never be a single dull moment if you have a Labrador retriever as your best friend in your home. They don’t get angry or show violent behaviors to their owners unless they are weary.

7. Good and Healthy Dogs

Labrador retrievers are mostly fit and in excellent physical conditions. They need to exercise every day for at least an hour to improve their strength or immune power. A vet should regularly check them for any health issues. In case of any health issues, proper treatment should be given to them to ensure their well-being.

How many times Labrador dogs need food in a day?

As Labrador retrievers are well built and sturdy, they need food three times a day. They can quickly get excited when they meet new people. They also prefer to have a spot that they can claim as their own.

Do Labrador dogs shreds their hairs?

They also tend to shred their coats, so the place should be often cleaned.

What are disadvantages of Keeping a Labrador retriever as pet?

1. Regular Exercises

Labrador retrievers need to work out a lot. They engage in physical activities that give them immense pleasure. They are very enthusiastic when it comes to exercise.

How to entertain your Labrador pet?

Taking them out, playing with them, going for long walks, etc. will entertain them.

If these dogs are bored, they will set on a destructive path, which will become big trouble later. So, even if you don’t have the time to take them for exercise, you must make sure that they don’t get quickly bored by training, commands, or giving them toys occasionally.

2. Frequent Shedding

Labrador retrievers have a coat that is dual-layered. This coat is best for the Labrador retrievers as it tolerates most climatic conditions and is water-resistant.

But, they shed their skins more often. So, if you want to buy a Labrador retriever, you might want to think of buying a dog vacuum along with the dog and be ready for a lot of vacuuming and cleaning. Moreover, it requires proper mat and bed as well.

How to prevent Shredding in Labrador dogs?

It is impossible to prevent the shredding, but brushing and grooming the dog often will help.

Obesity in labrador dogs

3. Not suitable as Guard dogs

Though labrador retrievers are loyal to their masters and protective of their owners and properties, they become friends quickly. We have seen dogs fighting with snakes to prevent their masters. They are not generally fierce, so they are not suitable as guard dogs.

However, it is possible to train them to become watchdogs in certain situations. If you want a Labrador retriever dog, keep in mind that it can never work as a guard dog.

4. Proper eating and Diet Plan

Labrador retriever breeds require a large amount of food that could satisfy their needs per their high energy levels. So, they eat a lot and lose their weight by exercising often. However, if they do not use regularly, they can gain weight and become obese, which will be a problem later.

The dog food given to this breed must also contain sufficient nutrients that can satisfy their high energy levels. Even if the food is homemade, the food must have all the complex nutrients needed for the dog. Usually, cheap dog food products don’t go along well with Labrador retrievers.

5. Highly energetic

As mention earlier, Labrador retrievers are more enthusiastic than other dogs. These dogs must be taken for walks almost every day. They can get into a destructive path if they become dull and bored.

It will be highly problematic for people who do not have time to exercise with their dogs. So, you must make sure that you have time to take these dogs for exercise if you want to buy this breed.

6. Early Training

You must train your Labrador retrievers to socialize and obey as pups. They need to get exposure by meeting new people, visiting new places, and interacting with other animals.

Further training can help them to adjust and adapt to a new environment without any difficulty. You should make sure that you train these dogs properly, or their smartness might get you in trouble.

7. Health and Temperament

Labrador retrievers are more prone to health risks and obesity. Their health problems may include hip and elbow dysplasia, eye, hip, elbow, weight problems, Kidney urinary infection etc. There is a high chance of them having a shorter life span if their health is not taken care of properly.

Though they are generally healthy, their health issues will increase, once they become obese. Labrador retrievers need a healthy diet plan that will prevent them from gaining weight. It would help if you regularly took them to the vet and screened for all these health issues.

How to stop Labrador dog to get aggressive?

Labrador retrievers may have a habit of chewing everything that comes on its way. It would be best if you stopped them from continuing this habit, or they will become aggressive as adults. It is better to buy Chewing toys. A well-planned training must be given to Labrador retrievers to shape them into obedient and trained dogs. When aggressive, they are not less than foxes, wolfs and coyotes.

Which dog is best for Introvert people?

Labrador retrievers are favorable, warm dogs. They can immediately become an ally to anyone, even a shy person. These dogs are the best companions for anxious and introverted people. You can very well go for keeping a Labrador retriever as long as you train the dog.

I hope you like reading article on Labrador retriever dog advantages and disadvantages.


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