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Who will win the fight- Butterfly, Moth or Dragonfly?

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Butterflies, Moths and Dragonfly all come under the kingdom Animalia. Although they share many similar characteristics, they are from different orders. Butterflies and Moths are from order Lepidoptera whereas Dragonflies are from Odonata order of predatory insects. There are numerous physical and behavioral differences between these insects. Go further to know comparison between Butterflies vs Moths vs Dragonfly.

What are interesting facts of Butterflies?

Butterflies are the wonderful and one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. Sometimes they are indicative of visual and literary arts. Biologically they are under the order of Lepidoptera and come in macrolepidopteran clade Rhopalocera.

How Butterflies wings look like?

Butterflies have large, wings with bright colors.

When butterfly come into existence?

The butterfly fossils from Paleocene age have been found, which was about 56 million years ago.

What is the life-cycle of a Butterfly?

The life-cycle of the butterfly consists of four stages which are Eggs, Caterpillar or Larvae, Pupa and Adult.

How do caterpillars turn into butterflies?

The Adults lay Eggs on the plant where food is available on which their larvae, known as Caterpillars grow.

They sometimes increase and fully develop into a Pupa and then into a chrysalis. The next step of growth is a metamorphosis, and when it is over the adult butterfly comes out, as the wings dry off, and they start to fly.

How many legs do butterflies have?

Most of butterflies are with 6 legs( 3 pairs each)

How do Butterflies protect themselves?

Most of the species have brilliant colors out of which some are used for camouflage and also to mimic the surroundings by which they can easily escape from predators. Some species are pests as their caterpillar stage can damage domestic crops. Others are the agents of pollination of some plants.

Why are butterflies so colorful?

They got their colors from two sources- Pigmented and structural colors.

Why are butterflies so colorful?

What do Butterflies feed on?

Butterflies mostly feed on the nectar of flowers, but the larva and some species feed on ants and other insects. They hold their wings vertically above their bodies when they are resting or sitting somewhere.

How long does a Butterfly live?

The butterfly has an average adult life span of two weeks. Butterfly antennae are thin with club-shaped tips, and butterflies are slender and smooth

What are interesting facts on Moths?

Moths are polyphyletic groups of insects and belong to the order Lepidoptera. Some moths are economically valuable, i.e. silkworm and the larva of Bombyx mori.

How Moths are useful?

The larvae of many species of moths are a good source of nutrients and used as food, particularly in many parts of Africa.

How many species of Moths are there?

There are about 160,000 species of moths that exist on earth. The existence of moths is reported before butterflies, as the fossils are found to be nearly 190 million years in age. Species of moths are crepuscular, diurnal and nocturnal but maximum species of moths are nocturnal.

They usually have feathery antennae with no ball on end. Their larvae make cocoons out of which complete moths with wings grow.

Are moths dangerous to humans? Why?

Are moths dangerous to humans? Why?

Not all but one moth which is very deadly for humans, the giant silkworm moth which lives in south America, is very deadly for humans.

Where do Moths live?

Many moth larvae live under the ground by digging holes in the earth’s crust until they become adult. Some moths and their larvae can be a significant threat to agriculture in many parts of the world, and their examples are Borers and Bollworms.

In the temperate region, the codling moth causes severe damage to fruit crops. Freezing kills Moth larvae within several days at a temperature below −8 °C

Why are moths fatally attracted to light?

Moths are photoaxis. Thus, it shows attraction towards light. Any organism phototropic, always show attraction towards light.

What do Moths eat?

They feed on plants( only specific types of plants, some moths feed on animals, liquids such as fruit, fermenting and nectar and plants fibers

How does a Dragonfly look like?

Dragonfly is also a beautiful creature with extreme engineering from nature. They have two large compound eyes that nearly cover their head. They have long, almost transparent wings, and yellowish near the ends. They have long structured body with small antennae.

How long does a Dragonfly live?

They can live two years underwater. They lay their eggs on the floating plants in ponds or lakes.

How long does a Dragonfly live?

How many species of Dragonflies are there?

There are nearly five thousand species of dragonflies found on earth. They evolved 300 million years ago and are one of the winged species that evolved in that era. A modern Dragonfly’s wings are only two to five inches in size, but fossils report that they had wings length of nearly two feet.

Dragonflies could grow to monster size because of high oxygen levels during the Paleozoic era.

What is the reproduction process of a Dragonfly?

When the larval stage is at the end, the larvae come out from their exoskeleton, cracks open and releases the insect’s abdomen, which is packed in a cylindrical structure. Its four wings come out, and they dry, harden in next several hours or a day and they are soon able to fly.

What do Dragonflies feed on?

They are expert fliers and can fly straight up and down, and hover like a helicopter and can even mate with their partner in the air. If they cannot fly, they will starve because they only eat prey by catching them while fluttering.

Dragonflies eat mosquitoes and control their population. A single dragonfly can eat up to hundreds of mosquitoes per day. Dragonflies can catch their prey while flying and have sharp teeth.

Why do Dragonflies have large eyes?

Dragonflies have large compound eyes that give rise to their sharp eyesight. Dragonflies can see the front and at the back at the same time with their marvelous eyes. Their eye has a unique protein called ommatidium, which is a house for the light-sensitive proteins that allow them to see in the night.

Many people want to know who will win the fight between them, they are creatures with very short life time. So, I donot want them to fight with each other.

I hope you comparison and difference between Moth vs Butterfly vs Dragonfly.


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