Crabs vs Lobsters vs Scorpions difference and fight comparison

Who will win the fight- Crab, Lobster or Scorpion?

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The creatures like crabs, lobsters and scorpions looks same but they are different animals. So, here we are covering detailed comparison and difference of Crab vs Lobster vs Scorpion.

Crabs vs Lobsters vs Scorpions difference and comparison

Of course, these are living beings, and these come in the animal kingdom. The crabs and lobsters are found mostly around the water whereas the scorpion is found mostly on land.

The thing that is common in all three of these is that these are dangerous if anyone messes with them.

What are interesting facts on Crabs?

Crabs look hilarious when they do their signature sidewalk, but don’t go only with the looks, as they have so much anger stored in that little brain hidden in their muscular body. They look like scary spiders when viewed from upwards.

Crabs facts

If we look at their scientific name, they are called Brachyura( the name Brachyura comes from the Greek word ‘Brachys’ which means ‘short’).

How Many species of Crabs are there?

First, I’ll go with the crabs. Crabs have more than 4500 species on Earth. Crabs have been here from the past 450 million years.

How crabs communicate with each other?

The oldest crab was the horseshoe crab. Their communication style is very different. They drum or wave their pincers to communicate with their friends or what they call their friend group.

Which is the biggest Crab in the world?

The biggest crab to live here on Earth is the Japanese spider crab.

What is weight and size of a biggest crab in the world?

It weighs up to 19 kg, and it has a leg span of 12ft. The smallest crab known is the pea crab.

How does Lobsters look like?

At first glance they look just like crabs, and most of the features of a lobster match those of a crab. They are from the Crustaceans family. But unlike crabs, lobsters have a long muscular tail.

How does a Lobster look like?

They have a robust and protective exoskeleton. Lobsters have blue coloured blood, just like snails and spiders due to the presence of hemocyanin containing copper.

What is the size of a Lobster?

Lobsters living in shallow water are around 25cm long, and they have a weight of about 0.45Kg. And that’s light considering their fat body.

What is lifespan of a Lobster?

The lifespan of lobsters is about 31 years for males and 54 years for females.

How Lobsters identify and eat food?

Lobsters identify their food by the chemosensory hairs, and then they taste it by the legs. Interesting, they can chew, with teeth which are in their stomach, right behind the eyes. Their teeth’s size is that of a walnut.

Can Lobsters eat other Lobsters?

Lobsters can eat smaller lobsters if the food is not enough. Lobsters own regeneration powers. They can regenerate their claws, legs and antennas too.

What are interesting facts on Scorpions?

These are very poisonous, fast and very aggressive arachnids as compared to crabs and lobsters. It has a more extended tail than the crab and lobster, which is equipped with a venomous stinger whose sting can cause pain like hell.

What is the colour of a Scorpion?

They can be found in yellow, brown, light brown and pure black colours.

What is the colour of a Scorpion?

What does a scorpion eat?

They can eat almost any prey that they can capture, victims which are smaller than the scorpions of course. They have smaller pincers than crabs and lobsters, but they only use them for small prey. However, for bigger ones, they have their own killer weapon with poison.

What is Habitat of Crabs and Lobsters?

The crabs and lobsters are aquatic as they are found in the water or near the water bodies. Most of the crabs are found in freshwater and marine waters around the globe, but they can also live on the land more than the lobsters and scorpions.

So, more points to crabs in terms of habitat as lobsters live in sandy and muddy bottoms of oceans and the sea. Lobsters can survive on land only a few couples of days.

What is habitat of a Scorpion?

On the contrary scorpions are found on land, and most of them are found in the desert. However, scorpions have ancestors called Eurypterid which could live underwater, mostly in the sea. And they are popularly called sea scorpions.

Even worse, scorpions can live in the crab and lobster territory that is water for just about two days, as scorpions have an organ called book lungs for the worst situation when they think it’s time for some underwater lifestyle.

What is lifespan of a scorpion?

Scorpions can live up to 25 years. Scorpions belong to the spiders’ species, the Arachnids. Scorpions have a very slow metabolism. The smallest one of the scorpions is the Microtiter Minimus. Its common name is still yet to be named. It is only 0.4 inches long from one end to the other.

How do Lobsters and Crabs taste?

Crabs and lobsters are one of the most popular seafood around the world except for some countries where seafood is not eaten much.  Crabs are known for their softer and sweeter taste than the lobster.

On the other hand, lobsters have a meat that is a bit harder than the crabs and scorpions. Lobsters do not taste as sweet as crabs, but have a unique taste of their own.

How does a scorpion taste?

 But what about the scorpions? Don’t think much. Yes, they are not a pleasure to eat. But for survival in forests, they are outstanding to eat if you have the guts and when you don’t have the luxury to afford a crab or lobster as your dinner.

Crabs are expensive but lobsters are the costliest among these three.

Crabs vs Lobsters vs Scorpion fight comparison- who will win?

In a fight of death, I feel scorpion will win the fight because scorpion is poisonous in comparison to crabs and lobsters  


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