Rattlesnake VS Russell Viper VS King Cobra Difference & Comparison

King cobra vs Rattlesnake

Who will win the fight- Rattlesnake, Russell Viper or King cobra?

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How does it feel to see a long, slippery, shiny reptile passing by your way? It is surely not a pleasant sight. There are various types of snakes found roaming around your house, your colony and your country. So, today we are comparing Rattlesnake vs Russell viper vs King cobra and knowing who going to win the fight between them.

What are interesting facts about snakes?

Something that is hard to digest is that these creatures are legless and yet are some of the fastest moving reptiles on earth. But they are carnivores. This means they find flesh tastier that grass and fruits. They live in grass, in trees, and in holes and cavities of walls. Ever thought, why are your birdie’s eggs disappearing before hatching? Or why your tiny pets are not around you anymore?

Well, they might have just run away. Or may have gotten devoured by one of these reptiles? It must be painful to find yourself helpless in saving your pets around these creatures.

How does a snake hunt?

Snakes belong to the family of reptiles. These are elongated, limbless creatures which are completely carnivores and are known to kill their prey either by venom or by constriction.

They have large and strong movable jaws to hold their prey for long periods and have great speed to attack prey miles away. The fastest of such snakes, can move at a speed of about 5mph. Now imagine being a prey to it.

How many types of snakes are there in the world?

But these creatures are also fascinating in their own way. Did you know that there are various types of these creatures around the world? Well, they can be non-venomous or venomous depending upon various factors, first being their origin and second, their adaptability. But their bodies, though slippery, are very strong to withstand any type of attacks from predators. And they shed skins to grow to their full size, unlike humans.

Who are snakes that can kill humans in few minutes?

Some of the snakes that are venomous enough to kill humans with their venom within minutes are King Cobras, Rattlesnakes, Vipers, and Copper Heads. These snakes spit their venom in such a way that it clots the blood vessels of their victims, stopping the formation of antibodies.

Their venom helps them to protect themselves from their predators. And we are here to discuss about three of these snakes in brief while comparing their strengths against each other. Let us start together here for Rattlesnake vs Russell viper vs king cobra comparison and difference.

How many species of Rattlesnakes are there?

Rattlesnakes belong to the subfamily of pit vipers. These snakes are of 36 known types and have about 72 more subspecies.

Where do you found Rattlesnakes?

They inhabit the Americas mostly. They have a 3 chambered heart for the circulation system. Their skins serve as sensors to temperature, heat and all other climatic and weather conditions.

Do snakes bites even after they are dead?

Even when they are assumed to be dead, their heads can see, tongues can flick and can spit or inflict their venom for an hour or two.

Why is the Rattlesnake called so?

They get the name because of rattle located at the end of their tails which make loud rattling noise, serving as an alarming signal to the passers-by. Their rattles can detect the presence of predators and make loud rattling noises to keep them away. They have hollow structures on their rattles, which cause the load noises.

Who are the predators of Rattlesnake?

They serve as predators to smaller birds, rodents, etc. However, these snakes fall prey to hawks and are killed by humans. Rattlesnakes can detect the presence of warm-blooded animals around them.

Where do you found Russell Viper?

Russell Viper belongs to the family of Viperidae. It has flattened triangular head and blunt, round and raised snout. Their nostrils are large and these snakes are found mostly in the Indian subcontinent in Asia.

How Russell Vipers are dangerous for Humans?

They are generally very aggressive, while their juveniles are naïve and nervous. They can attack anyone if threatened and otherwise are usually very aggressive. They are known to be pretty harmful and other snakes tend to mimic these creatures. Less than 70mg of venom of these creatures can kill a full-grown human in no time.

Russell viper snake

They do not like to stay in dense forests, but in lighter areas with too much of food. These are nocturnal animals. Their hissing can be heard very loud when they feel threatened.

How big is a Russell Viper?

Russell Vipers can grow up to 5ft in length and more than 4ft in girth.

How does a King Cobra snake look like?

Known as the longest venomous snake, King Cobras belong to the species Elapidae. They have oval shaped heads, are usually olive green in colour and have 1-2 fangs. Their juveniles are black. They have golden eye iris and round pupils. They are an important animal of India and yet are in the Red Data book of IUCN.

How big is a King Cobra?

They can grow up to a length of 5m, though the largest one ever found was about 20m long.

King cobra snake eater

What does King Cobra eat?

It usually feeds on other snakes and is very strong in holding its prey and constricting it. This snake isn’t very aggressive but you can easily misjudge the safe distance when it comes to biting. They can bite multiple times in a single attack. Their poison is very dangerous and can lead to paralysis, or comma or even death.

Rattlesnake vs Russell Viper vs King Cobra fight comparison – Who will win?

Now on comparing all their strengths and lethality, it can be confirmed that Vipers and King Cobras are actually very dangerous to humans and other larger creatures while rattlesnakes are predators to smaller creatures.

However, Vipers can attack with much quicker speed while King Cobras are more powerful than vipers and can attack any big mammal and kill them. But vipers have more dangerous venom when compared to King Cobra, while rattlesnakes do not come under this category.

The King Cobras are considered to be very powerful, yet they are very reclusive and tend to be very lenient with creatures. Rattlesnakes tend to slither out of the way of other animals while viper show us that it is different. They have various instincts which help them to analyse their surroundings.

There have been no instances of these serpents fighting and no chance to observe their fighting speeds and skills. I hope you like reading comparison and difference between Russell viper vs Rattlesnake vs King cobra.


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