Falcon VS Hawk Fight Comparison & Difference

Who will win the fight- Hawk or Falcon?

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There are a lot of people who confuse a Falcon with a Hawk, considering them one and the same. They actually aren’t. They differ in various features. Although they belong to the same family not all Hawks belong to the same genre. Falcons are known to conquer their prey with their beaks and Hawks are known to use their feet to capture their prey. Lets start with Falcon vs Hawk difference and fight comparison, who will win?

What are some interesting facts about a Falcon?

Falcons are from the genus ‘Falcao’. They are known for their fast attack speed and for trapping their prey using their feet.

Where you found Falcon?

They are very populated birds and can be found in almost all parts of the world except Antarctica.

What is ideal habitat of a Falcon?

They are very adaptable and can adapt to any kind of habitat and can survive almost anywhere. They can survive on any terrain without breaking a sweat, be it desert, arctic, grasslands etc. It is like they were born for this.

How many species of Falcons are there in world?

40 species of Falcon exist all over the world.

Falcon beak

How long does a Falcon live?

The lifespan of an average Falcon spans over 12-20 years and in some cases they can even live up to 25 years.

Which is biggest species of Falcon?

The biggest species of falcon is Gryfalcon whose length is 20-25 inches and weight is about 2 – 4.1 pounds.

What does a Falcon eat?

They are carnivorous in nature and make a diet out of rodents, fish and small insects.

How does a falcon look like?

They have long wings that are brown in colour. Some of them may be grey in colour as well. Falcons have great eyesight and can see 8 times better than human beings.

When does a Falcon hunt?

They hunt during the day, and are very fast flying birds. Female falcons are known to be bigger than the males and both parents take care of off-springs.

Where you found hawks?

They are very similar to falcons and are populated all across the world except in the Arctic circle.

What is habitat of a hawk?

Hawks are also very adaptable like the falcons when it comes to terrain.

How many species of Hawk are there?

There are more than 270 species of hawks in the world.

What is length, size and weight of a Hawk?

Hawks are very big and be as long as 22 inches and can weigh up to 5 pounds. Just like the falcons their females are also bigger in size.

How Hawk hunt their prey?

They sharpen their bill to attack prey and use it to tear them apart. They are able to locate prey from 100 meters away. They have a very sharp eyesight.

How hawk fly in sky

Are Hawks are color blind?

They aren’t colour blind like other animals and can differentiate between colours.

Why Hawk is diurnal animal?

They hunt during the day and are called diurnal animals.

What does a Hawk eat?

They are also carnivores and don’t have any particular diet. They eat all kinds of smaller animals. Male hawks can stay in the air and perform aerobatics for up to 10 minutes. They are known for their dances.

Do Hawks are loyal in Relationships?

They are monogamous animals and only mate with one partner ever.

How long does a Hawk live?

Their average lifespan is 13-20 years and can live up to 25 years.

Hawk vs Falcon Fight Comparison- who will win?

Falcons and Hawks are very similar in many features but there are certain points that set them apart. Hawks have a bent beak that helps them in killing their prey.

Hawks are comparatively slower birds than falcons. Hawks have an advantage of size over falcons. When it comes down to a fight it’s really hard to predict who will win because both birds are very skilled at their jobs.

Hawks also hunt bigger prey, being known to have attacked humans before. Falcons cut down everything in their path and are generally very fast. It is very hard to predict a winner because Hawks are aggressive by nature but Falcons can also turn it around in a flash.

They are both forces of nature that are to be reckoned with. Both are strong in their own forte and fight using all their skills and strength.

I hope you like reading article on difference and comparison between Hawk vs Falcon.


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